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    Ok so I have about 32 eggs in a Brower top hatch bator. I'm on day 6 and can't keep the temp steady. I have had spikes to about 104 for 8 hours and down to 97 for about 8 hours. I can't keep adjusting it constantly because I have school during the day. I candled a few today and compared them with my other bators eggs that are doing good. The ones in my other bator looked more developed and had a black spot that would move around. But the few from this bator weren't as developed and the black spot wasn't moving at all in every egg I candled. Well now the room I have the bators in his stinking. Its coming from the disaster-bator (as I've dubbed it) and I'm thinking its because the eggs are dead. What's your opinion? Should I throw them out or wait another couple days? Thanks
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    I am not going to be much help but if it were me..I would throw the eggs out. I am new to incubating so not sure if that is the right thing to do or not. Sorry for your troubles![​IMG]
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    If the eggs are valuable to you or you spent a lot of money getting them then i would individually smell each one to determine which eggs are bad. It only takes one egg to smell an entire room. If these are your fertilized eggs then i would just toss them all and start over. Obviously their development is being stalled because of the inconsistent temperature so the hatch probability would probably be low anyone. The hatching of healthy non deformed chicks is also low.
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    Actually a neighbor gave me 74 eggs to hatch for him. I put 42 in my bator (which are doing great) and the others in the one he gave me to use. So they arent really valuable and he would understand about whats going on.
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    Mar 27, 2010
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    Any more opinions?
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    Also, allow the temp to stablilize between adjustments. It may need more than a few hours to stabilize; try to be patient and wait. One recommendation I feel confident to quote is to wait 24 hours between adjustments. Incubating can be frustrating, but I know I've learned a lot. GL.
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    First if the temp goes 104 kiss the eggs and say goodbye.
    Before you put any eggs in the incubator you need to run 24-48 hour make sure is hold the temp.
    hope is help

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