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Jul 8, 2021
Hi all, I have this old homemade incubator that I have only used for ill pigeons and their chicks. It has a thermometer an automatic light-heat-situation but there is no way of measuring humidity. My question is is there some kind of way I can keep the humidity more or less correct without the hygrometer? (Like spraying the eggs each day or something like that?).

I'm very new to this and this is more of an experiment to me, because I ended up with a rooster amongst my hens and I thought huh! What if I...
So, I don't intend investing money into this, rather I would like to know if there's any tips on keeping them humid enough without the hygrometer.

General advice is welcome, I have never done this before!
If the chicks hatch, they will be a bizarre combination of british araucana x koekoek (south african equivalent of a barred rock basically)



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Jun 24, 2021
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I tried it but gave up and bought a hygrometer. I had a hatch rate of 60%. The incubator said to fill up a part of the incubator with water. I did what it said, then I went to buy a hygrometer. I put it inside and it said the humidity level is around 70%! I slightly opened the latch and waited... The hatch didn't turn out great but happy anyway. So I would recommend you to buy a hygrometer. Keep us updated! :)

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