May 24, 2020
So I bought this incubator ( https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81X6ny9jXWL._AC_SY450_.jpg) two months ago and turns out it isn't working as I thought. The reviews were great until I checked the page again and it was removed, probably because it was a scam. Since I couldn't find anything, I decided to research this clear yellow top incubator and most of the reviews were bad. The thermometer on the thing was 6 degrees below what it read so it killed most of the 50 quail eggs I placed in it. Only 1 of the 50 had life in it but I candled it tonight and nothing was moving anymore. I've lost hope in hatching anything out of it so I was wondering do you guys have an incubator that you swear by with. I've had no luck with the 2 incubators I have purchased in the past.


7 Years
Oct 29, 2014
I use Rcom it is good but probably Brinsea is better
For any incubator you need a hygrometer and thermometer, both should be of good quality
You can play with the one you have running without eggs, put a hygrometer and thermometer in it "good quality ones" and see if you can adjust "it might have calibration option"
I looked in Amazon, Brinsea is overprised contact them for a dealer

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