incubation question

my humidity is never over 30% up til day 18 then I bump it to about 70%

IME, 50 - 55% is too high for the first 18 days.
So your telling me no humidity at all the first 18 day? This is the firdt time I've seen that. Does it really work that way? I always thought u needed the humidity
you live in florida. Your ambient humidity on most days esp in the summer months is going to be higher than most people's humidity if they add water.

I live in ky. I have had to move my incubator to new location. I was using it in a barn. But last summer I had trouble with too much humidity because the outside humidity was so high.

I incubate around the 20-30% humidity mark and then bump up the last couple days. It's the only way in my experience to allow the chick to lose enough water that it doesn't drown. But because of where I live, I can have that humidity level and NEVER ADD A DROP OF WATER.

Too high humidity will not allow enough water to leave the egg and the chicks will have difficulty absorbing the yolk and getting out of the eggs.

Humidity is very much based on regional weather conditions and time of year.
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