Incubator baby with one eye and crooked neck!


Mar 16, 2009
South Central PA
So we rescued a bunch of eggs from a nest along the road a few weeks ago. I found some eggs in a nest in my garden and I'm still waiting on shipped eggs to hatch in my bator. We're up to 17 hatched keets so far ranging in age from almost three weeks to just one day old. Fortunately I have a chicken in a brooder in the barn who is a wonderful mom and she's been adopting all of them!

Everything has been going smoothly until yesterday I had a keet who was stuck in the egg and couldn't get out. It was almost too big for the egg. It was very dry and nearly shrink-wrapped and it was in a strange position. I think its wing was over its face?

I had to help it out of the shell and it's healthy and very strong, but it only has one eye! The eye shouldn't be a problem, but the poor little thing is stuck in this curled up position and can't straighten its neck or get its legs underneath itself. Its been struggling to walk since yesterday evening. If I pick it up and hold it with the legs dangling between my fingers she can straighten both legs and neck.

Should I do physical therapy? Make a neck brace? Build a chick chair? Or do you think she'll fix herself on her own with more time?
Awww i have no advice, but i just wanted to say that i think it is wonderful you wont give up on the little guy. So wonderful.

Goodluck. I hope all works out xx
Thanks. I can't give up on this one yet. He's got a crooked beak too, but not so crooked that he/she won't be able to eat.

I made a modified chick chair. I had to squeezed the dust mask around the little one's neck to keep it straight. I also have her dangling from a lamp to get those legs to hang. If she's able to get her feet onto any surface she can push herself out of the chair. She's really strong!

I'm hoping if I can keep that neck straight and strengthen those legs, she'll be okay. If not, I don't see much hope for a normal life. :(
Quality of life definitely does matter, so i really do hope your efforts pay off. Any chance of a photo? Im very interested in what you have made to try save this little one.
I've tried to upload a photo and I can't seem to do it?

I'm losing hope. The chick chair has had limited effect and frankly I don't think she can eat or drink. I got her to take a few drops of water but I can't make her eat.

When I take her out of the chick chair she struggles to get her feet under her and if she does, its very brief and then she falls over and struggles some more. She's really quiet and exhausted today. Her neck is just as crooked and even twisted as it was on day one.

I don't think my efforts are helping and she's getting too weak, I don't think she is going to make it.
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