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kdb quail

6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Just getting going in the quail to speak. I have an old limestone warehouse; nice environment for roomy cages. Small window unit and heater if ever needed. Coturnix is my quail of choice so far. I have read, researched, read and researched. Cage cleaning and disposal with be crucial I know. Is there a incubator that I can use to hatch my quail. I am not planning to go commercial or anything. My 8 year old and I love animals and this is the best bonding solution I have found. He has allergies as well; I have read that quail eggs are helpful for that. Hopefully he is not allergic to Quail...LOL.

Any suggestions on the incubator..don't break the bank here...

FYI - I have loved reading all of your threads!

James the Bald

7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
The only way to find out if your 8yo is allergic without spending very much money would be to get a pair of live chicks. I'm not fond of Craigslist or Ebay, but you could check there to see if you can get a few. If your 8yo is allergic, you could run an ad in your local paper for the pair to get rid of them. If you do go with the incubator, there are some low priced ones out there, but if your 8yo is allergic, in addition to the chicks that you hatched, the incubator would be something else you will need to eventually get rid of.
Good luck.

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