incubator problems


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
our incubator door poed open somtime last night and the air temp whent down to 80 degrees however the light bulb stayed on so the eggs still feel very warm. What, if any, chance do the eggs have? They are at day 14. This is our first attemp at incubating.
candle them to see if theres still movement? If it were me..I would leave them-and get it back to where it should be as it if it never happened-then wait until the day you stop turning-theres no point in tossing them when your so far into it-what can you lose to let them keep going? I had ALOT of problems low temps-high temps etc...I got a great hatch-for me-good luck
Thanks for the advise. I will keep going and candle them this evening even though some are dark brown and I dont know what im really looking for.
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at day 14-if you have a REALLY good light-candeler-you can see movement just at the bottom of the egg-where theres room for the chick to still grow-hold the egg still and just watch-it should only take but a few seconds to see movement-I would still keep all and ride it out..
I would keep on going but I would not candle them.. they were stressed enough.. You will know at hatching time if they are good or not... realy what will you gain by candling?
It won't hurt to candle them after they get back up to temperature. I think i would wait until tommorrow It takes about 24 hrs for an egg to get up to temperature and to loose it's temperature. When they are a little cool there is a lot less movement and very hard to see.
not sure there is anything to gain except a little hope-that was just what I would do..If I saw one still moving I wouldnt touch the others-but a little ray of sunshine and less stress is what it would do for me-

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