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    What do you think of the incubators that are like the Brinsea mini, but larger? They have the glass or plastic dome on top of a base with a slotted ring to turn the eggs. I'm looking at an older one that can hold about 18 chicken eggs (per the ring) and was wondering if these types work well. I don't need a large capacity.

    As it's an older model, what are the downfalls? Especially for a beginner.



    ETA: It's a Marsh.

    Thank you.

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    I hear that brand is top notch, I say go for it if its cheap. But turning eggs will be crazy doing it 2-3 times a day..
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    Quote:Ha. Famous last words. [​IMG]
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    The Turn-X is a great incubator. The new ones are very expensive . A nice used one at the right price is a good find.
    The pictures show a turner is included with this one. You can check the prices on new ones and replacement parts on
    the McMurray hatchery web site. Sometimes on a older one like that you might need to do a little disassembly and
    lubricate the fan. Not a real big deal. Have the seller demonstrate it for you if possible. Way fun to watch the hatch as
    you can see everything.

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