incubator vs broody debate?


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Jan 13, 2008
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Ok so I am getting shipped a dozen welsummer eggs from mother goose on april 7th! YAY!!!!!
I have an incubator which I tried to use on a previous hatch but I had horrible luck.... And yesterday one of my hens decided to go broody... So now I'm totally torn between giving her the eggs if she is still broody in a week and half when the eggs get here or putting them in the incubator!

Last time I tried the incubator I had some horrible storms come through and lost power 3 times! Each of the times I lost a portion of the eggs... I also had problems getting the humidity up so I'm planning on setting up the incubator tomorrow and trying to play with it to see if I can't get the humidity up!

My hen that is broody is a banty frizzle cochin... She is a tiny little thing and I don't know that she can even keep a dozen large eggs warm... I also don't know if she will stay broody that long since it will be like 4 1/2 weeks total?

I have read so many times that it is better to give the eggs to a broody when possible, and it just seems like fate she decided to go broody now! I really could use some opinions as to what everyone thinks would be best! Thanks everyone!!
Even if she stays broody 12 large eggs are to many for her to keep covered. So you will still need the incubator.

Personally I would put half under her and half in the incubator. Even if she abandons the nest you can always move them to the incubator.
yep i agree. she shouldn't be able to sit on that many maybe 7 LF at most but ya never know. i've had 1 silkie sit on 21 silkie eggs at once for like 2 weeks, rotfl. i usually split them too just to be safe. she did do good kept stealing them,lol. then another 3 went broody also so i had 31 eggs with 4 hens in 2 boxes and they all shared nest duties. needless to say i had alot of babies!!
Ok great I will give that a try! I was thinking about splitting them! Hopefully she will turn out to be a good mom!
My bantam cochin could only just manage 7 eggs (full size ones) and she was a fantastic mom! I wish some of my hens would go broody now as my incubator is driving me scatty!

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