Incubators, basement, & a few brooders empty!!!

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    Oct 18, 2010
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    I am very happy to say that things are getting easier!

    It has been a fiasco up to this point. We've had a hatch every week since March. Some have been small and others large.

    It would have been easier if we were dealing with, perhaps all Rode Island Reds or Americaunas or whatever. But we were dealing with so many different sizes, and temperments that we had to do things in unconventional ways. It took mucho time.

    But now...~deep breath~...we have separated the roosters, sent some breeding groups to another farm to live, consolidated some pullet groups...~another deep sigh~... and, boy, are things getting easier.

    Half as many feeders to fill and wateriers to keep clean and full.

    I am doing good.

    I'm going to have a nice chicken dinner next week to celebrate. (A black bone, black meat roo)

    All of this was to have the solid breeding groups for the coming year. Not all of our objectives were met, but things went pretty well. Rome wasn't build in a day... or a year...or 10.

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