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metallica fish

9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
i have 1 indian runner that i hatched about 3 weeks ago. is there a way of telling the sex of it by its tweet when its so young?

cos i belive that drakes cant realy quack? am i right?

My Indian Runner duck's voice didn't change until she was 7 weeks old. She was hoarse and raspy like a boy, and all the other girls (Campbells and Hookbills) had been quacking since they were about 4 weeks old, so she had me fooled! I was calling her "Milo" thinking she was a boy, and then one day I was talking to her and she looked at me and said "QUACK!" - so, now she's "Maisie", and she's the proud mamma of 6 new ducklings this morning!
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Annarie - that was good to hear. My Runners are 6 1/2 weeks and still making little whistling noises. I had thought my ducklings in the past had 'found their voices' faster than this.
Mine started honking at about three or four weeks. It was closer to six weeks that I heard a quack. But they mostly don't really quack. They hum, chatter, chuckle, and laugh like The Penguin in the old Batman TV series.
You know, I swear I heard my other Runner, "Rubee", start honking at around 4 weeks, and I had it all set in my mind that Rubee was a girl, and then at around 7 weeks I realized that his voice had gone all raspy and that he was, in fact, a drake! He's the proud daddy of 6 new ducklings as of this morning.

That's why I don't trust voice sexing until around 6 weeks. I always think I'm hearing things earlier than that, but I don't trust it anymore. Ducks sure do make some funny noises.

So, metallica fish, give it a few more weeks, and then you should be able to sex your duckling by voice - 3 weeks is a bit early yet.
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I have 6 runner ducks. As of yesterday they were 5 weeks old. I have one that quacks for sure. Today I could swear I heard 3 quacks!!! I have not had any luck with straight run at all. This is my first try at ducks. I did take an attempt at vent sexing my runners. From what I could see (or not see) I have 5 girls 1 boy. I hope this is true. I'd be just as happy with all girls! I do have chickens and always ended up with all roosters too 1 or 2 hens. Not good.

I have to say ducks are pretty darn cool. I thought chickens were neat........ lol. I didn't realize how different the two types of bird are. I have to say one thing....... darn, ducks grow fast!!!
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