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    Apr 16, 2011
    Hi all, haven't been here for a while but I do like to try to visit from time to time. Jchny2000 you were talking about snakes....check out our balls here:
    We are reptile lovers here...and chickens are reptiles too! lol
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    Jan 28, 2013
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    ChrisN- wow those are pretty snakes!! Didnt know there were that many colors!
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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Great collection! I had a few several years ago (pastels, super pastels, spiders, albinos, fires, cinnamons, I think that's it). The genetics of ball pythons have always intrigued me. Very jealous of your silver streak! They are probably one of my favorite morphs.
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    Aug 25, 2012
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    The Poultry check in is tomorrow and I found the chickens with lice :/ I'm going to dust my show bird and put her in a cage and then dust the rest when I'm done with my show bird
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    Well, earlier, I put 10 eggs that had been laid by then in the shavings box as a last attempt at getting them interested in that box. I just went out and collected the eggs, and there were 11 in the shavings box. :yesss: I'm going to try switching one box out for shavings about every two or three days and see if they don't notice the difference.
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    May 13, 2013
    Wouldn't you know it I find a setup to seperate my girl that's getting picked on and she decides its ok to come outside! At least she was out today, I think I'll keep an eye on her and still seperate if she seems to need it. She's still mostly keeping to herself so we will see.
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    [​IMG][​IMG] Laugh out loud funny John. Thanks!
    I also would like more pullets, but I'm full up on boys. I can probably quarantine 2-4 at a time depending on their size/age.
    Here is my wishlist if anyone can give suggestions:

    Welsummer, Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Wyandotte, Buckeye, Black Copper Maran, Olive Egger, and Cochin...oh and I love Frizzles. I'm trying to get multicolored/sized eggs from good natured birds that won't attack my kids. Bantams or LF are good. This list is compiled only from what I have read and its all over the place so your experiences are also really appreciated. We are west of Indy, but we go to Indy/Plainfield/Brownsburg/Portland/Columbus/Noblesville areas pretty often.

    Pipd, I was so sad when I saw what you wrote about having sex-link birds keep their eggs internally. I'm sure that's not the exact wording, but how sad. My favorite chicken is a sex-link and I just love her. I'm really sorry that you've lost so many.

    I stopped by the veggie stand that I think belongs to Little Ameraucana Mom and/or her daughter to say hi today, but it wasn't a good day to stop. I couldn't find anyone around so after I finished admiring the vegetable gardens, we got back in the car. We will try another day.
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    Quote: Your list sounds pretty good for eggs and kids; those are mostly gentle birds. A couple of others that I have had experience with are Brahmas (if you want anything that large, but they also come in bantam size); they lay a medium sized light brown egg pretty consistently and are really easy to get along with. Appenzeller spitzhaubens are another fun, friendly breed. They also are consistent layers of medium white eggs and are really beautiful to look at. Both breeds are low maintenance; mine are in outside pens with sheds they can go into, although the AS go in only to lay--they roost on top all winter.
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    I may have dreamed it, but I think I remember someone being interested in a blue or splash cochin roo. I have a bantam splash youngster about 8-10 weeks old who is turning out to be a cockerel. So far he's looking pretty good and cheap--free to fellow BYCers; then I know he's going to a good home.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    Jchnny2000 and Julie0447(I think I might have messed the number up sorry!)- Thanks! They crack me up sometimes they like to run from one side of the brooder to another and back again they will do this for 10 mins sometimes and it is halirous.

    Okay so I went out today and bought 7 pullets. 1 blue cochin, 2 black cochins, 2 brown leghorns, and 2 black stars ( they are laced which has me confused), but they people I got them from i know very well and trust and for the most part they know what they are talking about so I am going to assume they are right unless I find out otherwise. Some of these I will be showing at lebanon. They are very friendly too. You can just sent the cochins on a table and they just stand there and wait for you to pet them! I love them! By far the nicest cochins I have ever owned. I will try to post pics sometime soon.

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