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    Jun 1, 2013

    I'm sorry for your loss. I have no idea what would do that.

    I am actually thinking about selling some of my chickens. I have 5 standards (2 BR and 3 EE) and 2 bantams (2 BB reds) and I have a white rock rooster and bantam barred rock rooster. If you want any let me know.
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    May 14, 2013
    Brown County, Indiana
    That's terrible!!!!! I don't know. When you let them free range its just a gamble. I have had little problem this year, but about two years ago I lost most of my chickens to a coyote that would just come take them in the middle of the day. Once it was while I was outside with them. If you have anyway to keep them in a run or something until you figure out whats taking them that's about all you can do. I'm not great with a gun but I believe my neighbor shot our coyote. :(
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    Apr 28, 2013
    I'm so sorry! That's just horrible! I agree with Brad... perhaps some of them were just terribly frightened and will show up before nightfall. I hope that they do! I can't imagine losing that many at one time.
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    Jul 25, 2013
    What is a good easter egg layer?
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    Aug 14, 2012
    Bargersville, Indiana
    About the speckled brown egg. I will get one about once a week from my RIR production hens. It is not frequent enough to be one hen all of the time. So I think it is just a fluke. Sometimes the specks fade as the bloom dries and sometimes not. I'm not sure it is breed specific as I see you don't have RIR on your list.

    I have chicks but we are a drive from you. I also have production RIR hens that were born in October of 2012 that I want to rehome. We free range in a 90% fenced area (our back yard). I have found having a rooster helps. I have some young roosters you could have your pick. I have noticed the rooster helps to keep the hens in a somewhat safe place but will not protect from hawks all of the time. A hawk will leave just feathers. The straw it sounds like some one dumped it, not likely they took time to steal your chickens. Now some dogs will play with the chicken and leave a trail of parts, others eat them whole and might have left a foot behind. As for keeping them alive, I wait until they are either with a larger chicken (some people have guard dogs, lots of training needed) or at least 16 weeks (boys) or 20 weeks girls before I let them out.
    I have mentioned to my DH that it would be super easy for someone to just come and steal a chicken from us but we prefer that risk to the pain and trouble of a big lock and chains on everything.
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    Apr 28, 2013
    Are you looking for a purebred chicken?
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    May 13, 2013
    Lebanon, IN
    Shawna, it is definitely a coyote. That's how Rooster Cogburn went. I found scattered feathers in the barn. I found a foot and clumps of feathers/skin and blood in the field 200 feet behind the barn. I had been hearing a coyote pack (likely mother and pups) killing rabbits in the neighborhood.

    The others could, indeed, be hiding in the cornfield, if it was a lone coyote. They may come back at dusk.

    Where you live, you will have to have a fenced chicken yard. If you try to free-range, you will just encourage and feed the coyotes.

    You may be opposed to it, but I recommend you get a Ruger 22/10 rifle and scope and learn how to use it. The Thorntown police will direct you to someone who can school you in it's use. A coyote shot with a .22 won't usually drop dead on the spot, it will run off, but it won't come back.

    Luck, John
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  8. ShawnaScott

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    Apr 10, 2013
    Frankfort, IN
    Some did come back, so the coyotes only made off with two of my hens. Luckily my favorites came back!
    I would definitely be interested, where are you located? This summer has just not been kind to my hens! All my roosters pulled through, but the hens are dropping like flies!
    The funny thing is, I have three roosters, and they only ate the large chickens! I have three silkies that sit on the ground, in the coop, all day. The coop's left open. But my other chickens are 5 months old and pretty large. I still can't figure out the straw. They had to drive an acre of my grass just to put it right next to the coop. It's very odd.
    I know how to shoot, thought I'm not very good yet. One of my coworkers heard me complaining this morning about my loss of chickens, and he offered to come and shoot them for me. Apparently he has nifty coyote luring devices. I wasn't going to have them put down, but I didn't know they got as big (or bigger) than German Shepherds. I thought that they were tiny, like 30 lbs max.
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    May 13, 2013

    I might be interested in your EEs. How old ae they? I was going to wait until spring and order some chicks but the more colored eggs I see the more I want one! Shawna has first dibs ofcourse!! My neighbor just informed me he's seen a hawk in our area, I hope my chickies aren't next on its menu!
  10. browncow15

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    May 13, 2013
    :( my neighbor two doors down just came over to complain about my birds. Guess I'll be clipping some wings tonight.

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