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    That is so exciting Is it solar powered also? I am so looking forward to getting one of those. I can't wait to hear how you like it and how hard/easy it is to install. Every time we are home later than 830 I get worried about the chickens being out in the garden.

    Well, strangely all I had to do is talk about eggs, and wham! I got an egg from someone else in the nesting box this morning. [​IMG] I am pretty sure it is Lucy, but compared to Nutella's (EE), the egg is HUGE. It has traces of either dried blood or bloom, and I'm not sure which. The angle of this pic is misleading as the brown egg is really the size of my large grocery store eggs and the green is close to a small/medium from the store. I went out and looked at the vent on all of my hens and only Lucy seemed a little more messy (not that I'm judging), but not damaged. She's a pretty little girl to be laying such a big egg in my opinion. All the girls are still blushing at the invasion of their privacy. [​IMG]


    CraftyChick- That's really great that your husband is feeling better. My husband had the afib once and I watched him like a hawk for about 6 months after that. Thankfully its been over 5 years without another episode. I hope your DH doesn't experience any more either. I just don't get how they can go right back to work like it didn't happen. I'd need a vacation or something, lol.

    OldSalt- How old do you think the Cochins are now? I will make sure to write it on my calendar.
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    Day 20 in the incubator for my Cream Legbars. 11 eggs left out of 12. Removed one after candling on day7. Today, 7 are pipped and peeping. Man, I can't wait for those lil boogers to hatch!
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    I received them at Lebanon USPS as hatchlings on the morning of 5/9/2013. On 5/6/2014 you can present them with a birthday cake.

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    Don't you have at least 3 coops?

    I suppose with enough pulleys and rope, the one motor could operate all of them. Be careful not to clothesline yourself.[​IMG]

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    I am catching up on some posts . . .

    Farker Farms~ Welcome to the Indiana Thread!
    Great idea! I guess your GS is the guard dog while Lucy naps.
    vickichicki~ Thanks for the info about combination bantam/LF flocks.

    As far as your Lavenders, Violet had long feathers in the back-- it looks like perhaps other chickens pulled a few out and that's what accentuates the one lone feather. Just my guess.
    Originally Posted by vickichicki [​IMG]
    Pip - coop looks fantastic, rather envious as it happens.
    Too fast - quit giving Pip grief for the painting! The chickens don't care darn it. I on the other hand.. Some of the drips are causing me a tick... Haha. Should I ever be Pips way I will pop in and straighten that up.
    I have to admit that although pipd's coop is amazing, I have that artistic eye, too, that wants to fix the drips. [​IMG]
    LittleAmerMom~ Snowhite is lovely!
    Originally Posted by SallyinIndiana [​IMG]
    I fully agree you do not want to upset some one who may have a missing screw. Next add to it is age and everything changes. Based on his age he has seen quite a lot, wars, protests, world altering events. Now add that to any mental problems and he may on an extreme level decide you are an enemy that needs dealing with.

    A completely different approach would be to seek help for the man. Family and social services can force a better living arrangement if he is not properly being cared for in his own home and he is not able to do it on his own. Animal control might help the dog situation but leave you with an angry mental old man. Now if the Family services people get the old man to move in with family or into an assisted living kind of care, then his dog would leave too and you could end up looking like the really nice lady on the block with a caring heart.

    Sally~ I can relate to your suggestion of seeking help for the man, but in today's volatile world it is dangerous to personally interfere. There are a lot of crazy people with guns. EmSteele can make an anonymous call to animal control and also the sheriff in her area who can contact social services if needed or give advice.
    Old Salt~ Your photos are excellent. You live an enchanting life; I think you've reached nirvana.
    Btw, what is up (or down) with you always suggesting throwing dead animals over a bridge? I hope you don't mean into water where a decomposing body would further pollute drinking water for creatures and possibly people. Yuck.

    Originally Posted by Old Salt 1945 [​IMG]
    You are such a kind, nurturing person. He is a "ginger," btw.

    Originally Posted by Old Salt 1945 [​IMG]
    I'm thinking of driving 400 miles round trip to get a pair of 3 1/2 mo. Cream Legbars. This is probably an idiotic thing to do.
    Please, someone give me a better alternative. Save me from myself.

    That sounds like something I would do!
    kabhyper~ My EE lays extra large eggs. She hasn't laid in a few weeks though, and I haven't seen any molting, a possible cause.
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    Theoretically I have two. But the boys have basically boycotted their coop since day one. They sleep outside on top of the pallet shelters (apparently that is what rugged roosters do, when deprived of hens to ravish). Since they are a) still protected by the electric netting and b) really annoying most of the time, I have let the camp out continue.

    So the automatic door is for the layers coop. It will really only protect my hens and their two live in roosters. The Turkeys still roost on the roof of the coop (even with wings clipped, they jump onto the wooden arm that supports the waterer and then up to the roof)

    by the way - the two pullets I got from you are now integrated into the main flock and doing well. As expected, they are near the bottom of the pecking order (under everyone but my polish, who can't see anyone through her crest well enough to pick on) But they get out and roam and eat and seem to be doing well.

    The pecking order has come out very interesting. My smallest hen, the Egyptian Fayoumi, is the top girl. She just has SO much attitude. The two Brahma's, who are the largest, are near the bottom. It was the same with the boys. Even though he is actually the smallest Roo, the Fayoumi came out on top there too. The polish is a the bottom, and all of my larger boys are in between. But soon it will be down to just the Fayoumi and the polish, so it won't matter there. I'm going to keep my CCLs separate from the laying flock.
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    ok guys i have not been on here for.... a while lets just say, so i have some major catching up to do.

    Here is my problem... I have no eggs!!!! [​IMG] I don't know what has happened. At first it was just my two leghorns, but now all 3 are not laying including my Big Red. I am quite concerned as it is now going on like 3 days they have not layed. They have water, feed, and greens! I am getting quite concerned as I do not want them to become egg bound. I don't think anything has stressed them out as far as predator wise. I don't see any broken egg shells either.... Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, I know the topic of sand has been covered many times on here before, however I am having a hard time finding "construction" type sand in the Indianapolis area. I have gone to 3 different stores with no luck. All I can find is paver sand, which has teeny tiny little pebbles in them. If anyone in the Indianapolis area knows where I can get the right kind of sand for cickens, that would be great!!
    Have a great day!
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    TSC sells it too but not the best prices.
    Which door did you decide on. I keep dreaming of the auto door, but so far I can't decide if I want a timer or a dawn to dusk kind. Then there is the cost and how should it be powered.
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    You won't find it at a store. Ask at Menards, Lowes, or any place that sells construction materials, particularly bricks. You buy it by the ton, not the bag.

    I get mine from a concrete company in Lebanon. I have a 3/4 ton Dodge and live 3 miles from the Lebanon Cement. I usually have them put in 2 tons and drive sloooooooly.


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