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    Dec 3, 2012
    Thank you. I appreciate your offer. I will let you know if i could use a spot to leave them.
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    May 13, 2013
    SOOO behind on posts!!! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! In the last week I got new animal babies, a new nephew and a new brother when my sister got married on sat!!! I'm ready for a quiet rest of the week. I finally got a chance to clean out my coop tonight and my roo and his girls we SO glad to get back out to free range some. I was also very glad we took the time to go back and put laminate flooring on the roosts, MUCH easier to clean than osb!
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    I hadn't heard of a flat-sided egg. Please post a photo when you get a chance. Here's some info from my resources:
    Description: Eggs are said to be flat-sided when part of the shell is flattened or indented. Often the adjoining part of the shell is wrinkled.
    Incidence: Flat-sided eggs normally make up less than 1% of total production. They are most commonly produced by pullets in early lay and may be the result of double ovulation or being held over an extra day in the shell gland. Incidence can vary with the breed.

    Possible Cause: Not enough padding in nesting box. Eggs are warm and pliable at first, especially with young layers.
    Possible Remedy: Make sure there is enough soft nesting material.
    Possible Cause: Disease-- Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle disease, or other infection of the oviduct.
    Possible Remedy: Follow an effective vaccination program.
    Possible Cause: Stress, e.g. frights and disturbances.
    Possible Remedy: To avoid frightening birds, minimize human activity in and around the shed. Increase shed security to stop other birds and animals entering the shed.
    Possible Cause: Crowding
    Possible Remedy: Avoid overstocking.
    Possible Cause: Incorrect or changes in the lighting program.
    Possible Remedy: There should not be sudden, large increases in day length as pullets come into lay.

    Too Fast, I beg to differ; chickens need more than shelter. They need heating, air conditioning, cleaning service, interesting activities, egg pick-up service, food, water, healthful snacks, lectures about sharing and getting along, aprons, dresses, lotions for combs and legs/feet, love, and patience.

    Originally Posted by Too Fast: We, however, have superior eyes when it comes to looking at things!
    Too Fast, I don't mean to keep differing, but here's an article: "Chickens See Color Better Than Humans."

    Speaking of colors-- My reply box has no color choices today! And my PM box has glitches, too. Geez. [​IMG]
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    Dec 3, 2012
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    [​IMG] Flat sided eggs.
    [​IMG] Godivas eggs lol!
    [​IMG] Weighed them. 4 oz. Is that big? lol

    The other eggs in the carton are Peaches eggs (EE)
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    Ya they editied it or something. I dont like it, i wish they would change it back.I hate when apps and websites "update" things.
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    Love all the pics!! Great looking chickens!! Great looking coups!!!! Wow!! Flat eggs, something new to watch for!!

    Well I join the ranks for chickens with leg injuries!! I have a porcelain Millie roo who I think has a broken leg! Got him separated now for observance!! Great!!!!:(. And this morning I notices my LF Cochin was limping!! She wanted no part of being checked out!!

    AND..... Farm life is trying to kill me!!!! I got a call this afternoon on my way home that my horse( in mourning) had gotten out and been hit by a car!!!! What an evening!!!! Another emergency vet visit, and he now has stitches! Which is much better than what I thought it might be!! I think he had got out looking. For the other horse!! So I penned him but the barn for the night and he has already escaped and least he was in the field( at 11:00). Now if I can keep him there!!
    All this after taking the DH to the airport , off to Brazil again for 6.5 weeks!!

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    Dec 3, 2012
    wow sounds like you have had a heck of a night. Did the car get totaled? How do you not see a horse when you are driving down the road! I hope your chickens and horse get to feeling better!
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    May 13, 2013
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    SallyinIndiana gave a link to this chicken tractor. There was no photo, so many may have missed it.


    I am cheap. I like clever ideas. This satisfies both predilections.

    The panels are $20 for a 50" x 16 ft panel. 2 panels makes a 6 ft tall, 8 ft wide, 12 1/2 ft long tractor. If dig under bothers you, 1 more panel will provide a bottom or use 2x4 fencing.

    2x6's for the base perimeter, 2x2's for the framing. 2x4 fencing for the front and back. Add 1' chicken wire to the bottom 3 feet to keep the chicks in.

    I will be making one for pheasants.

    And probably another for a breeding pen.

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    I miss going there! Shades is a beautiful park for hikes too. My favorite is spring mill. I used to take my kids (all grown now) creek hopping almost to the river.
    I occasionally get a flat sided egg from a BA. they are fairly new layers, so I wonder the same.
    Will look and see if i can find info on it.
    Ugh I am but have to pass, ran out of broody space!

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