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    These are a Great Idea !!!
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    This made me curious about mine -- the last 2 days I got my first jumbo eggs -- too heavy for the egg scale. I just got out my kitchen scale & they are both just a hair under 3 oz. I thought mine were big, but wow -- you have a monster egg there!!
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    Ha! Remember my eggs that hatched a week ago? And I had two straggler eggs that were set a week later than the rest? One was pipped this morning. My silkie really is super mom!!!
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    I only want part of this post. sigh.... Oh well. We drain the pond completely once it starts to look really bad. We had a pump to drain it with but it gave up the ghost at the second time using it. What is acv? Is it safe for the ducks to be in and drink? We tried to grow water lillies in the pond to help fight the algae, the duck ate them[​IMG] and they are hard to find. We had to go to petsmart to get ours. We want to put a water feature in like a fountain and a solar nightlight. That's why the pentagon stone that the boys were standing on is there.
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    I was concerned for privacy and security from the bad guys, but then realized that Too Fast already knows where I live. The guvmint, and Google for that matter, already know more about me than I myself know.

    Unconcerned that a flood of perverts would be drawn to my general all around hotness, I released the amount of information that one could find in a phone book.

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    When you get ready to buy a pump for the fountain, check these guys out. They are mail order saltwater aquarium suppliers with really good prices. They are south of Beech Grove. You can place an order as "Will Call" and pick it up there, saving the shipping charges. They may save you some money. I have a Mag 1800 pump that has been running for several years with no problem. Do not buy a RIO brand pump. The have a tendency to burn up. I have two, both dead.

    You will need a strainer to remove grass tidbits that the ducks drag into the pond. I would recommend using 1/4 x 1/4 hardware cloth to make a bucket

    It is a submersible pump. just drop it in the water with a hose on the outlet to pump the water where ever you want.

    Don't let it freeze this winter.

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    How do you change the writing under the post? I used to know how to do it, but I've slept since then
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    Awesome! Love the concept but I would like to see it downsized for portability. I'm thinking about raising Rangers next year and moving 50 of them in and out of the garage would be time consuming.
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    First time chicken mom here...again, I need advice from you experienced folks.[​IMG]

    We have one Cream Legbar that has been laying for a month and 6 other girls that are just coming into laying. We have 2 nest boxes, one with a wooden egg to show the girls where to go. It's been great, over 2 dozen blue eggs from only one chicken. We're loving the chicken life.

    This past weekend, we got our first non-blue egg from Edith, our Barred Rock. That same day, we got the last egg from Aretha, the CL that has been laying religiously for the past month.
    NOW-Aretha (the CL) is in one of the nest boxes, trying to hatch the wooden egg.

    Edith, laid her 2nd egg in the nest box successfully, so we felt comfortable taking out the wooden egg. TOO LATE! Aretha still stays in one of the nesting boxes and won't come out.

    I read in Storey's that we need to keep getting her out of the nest box, so we repeatedly pick her up and put her outside of the coop. She HATES that. She chortles and has every feather on her body out as far as it will go. I call it BIG HAIR.

    Thankfully, we have 2 nestboxes, so anybody else that feels like laying can do their business. Yesterday, we got our 3rd egg from Edith (the BR). The shape was very odd. I'm guessing it's a double yolker. Whaddya think?[​IMG]

    We live in the city near the Art Museum, so our space is limited--we don't have a second coop area. I'm not being successful at keeping Aretha out of the nest box, and now we're back to only getting one egg a day. Any ideas? I have dog crates, will that work for a solution?
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    Hey, folks, I'm fighting off a cold right now, so sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been keeping up on posts, though, so I'm not backlogged just yet. ;)

    I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for scales to use with their birds, preferably a digital and at least 10-15lb capacity scale that would hopefully be accurate without breaking the bank? I got a scale to go with my chicken first aid kit (see my signature), but it's a cheapo toggly 200lb capacity bathroom scale and reads about 5 lb for each and every one of my adult LF hens. :/ So yeah, any thoughts?

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