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    She's brooding, pginsber. :) I have never had success in breaking them by just tossing them out of the nest every so often.

    Usually, what I do is set up a dog crate or a similarly sized cage in an area that gets lots of chicken traffic, so it isn't private or very quiet, and then I keep the broody in that cage during the day until she gives up. At night, I make sure she goes to roost and doesn't sleep in the nests. I sometimes have to block the nests in the evening for this to work. My girls take one, maybe two weeks of this before they quit brooding.

    The other option is to get her some fertile eggs to sit on, but personally, I don't have the space and don't like to add extra birds unless I'm sure they're pullets.

    ETA: Oh, and about the egg, it is possible that it's a double yolker--they happen more often with hens that are just starting to lay. :) There's no way of knowing for sure without cracking it open, though. ;)
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    Crafty- I now have the neighbors pony and that seems to be calming Buddy down.

    I'd call the vet and tell them her symptoms!!
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    Too funny. I just got an egg yesterday that looks exactly like that huge one. It had double yolks. I have no idea which of ours laid it. I could not close the lid on the large egg carton. It was a whole inch taller than the normal sized ones.
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    Your Sebastopol is really pretty! Is the Muscovy the kind of duck you told me is quieter than others at your house or is that another breed?
    Thank you for posting that info. After I drop my kids off at John's, I might get to go [​IMG]

    Thank you!

    You said any purpose, so I'm assuming that means kids too if I provide the cage right? [​IMG]

    That is pretty nifty. If you grow veggies up the sides in the summer you can whittle down food costs and you won't need the tarp. Seriously though, is it warm enough for winter?

    Can you tell me more about this, please? Does it make the roosts slippery for them to grip? I don't like how dirty they get, but I don't want them falling off either. Do you have pics?

    A phone book?? Does someone still use them?

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    Is the Muscovy the kind of duck you told me is quieter than others at your house or is that another breed?

    Muscovys don't quack like other ducks, definitely a lot quieter !!!!!

    Anyone going to Croy Creek this weekend.???

    I was thinking obout going Saturday
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    What is wrong with people!?!? Someone has been in my coop AND left the door open! Chickens are very skittish (like the get if someone chases them around) and I had to chase a couple down on the yard. Thank goodness for my almost 4 year old chicken wrangler. The last one was a young bantam rooster, Small and quick, panting very hard! What is wrong with people? Anyway...End of you were...
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    Found it! Lol! Thank you!
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    Sigh.... I have asked the same question for years and have never found an answer. Maybe it is time to install a padlock?
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    years Sorry I forgot you can edit the post
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    Everyone should be aware that the feedlot panels have 6" x 8" openings. The panels provide the hoop structure. The tarp keeps the chickens from going visiting.

    If you don't cover the sides with tarp, you must use fencing fencing over the feedlot panels to keep the birds in and young coyotes out. Different panels can be had with 4" x 4" openings, but they are $60 each.


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