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    A nipple water bottle would be best if she knows how to drink from nipples. Otherwise, a small doggy bowl that flares at the bottom. Or a heavy crockery straight-sided bowl. Something that won't tip over when she steps on it.

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    Alright, it was my turn to catch up on posts. I've been cramming, because I had an evil, evil Chemistry test this morning that has left me with a mixed feeling of hopefulness and doubt. :/ Oh, well. I guess I'll find out on Monday how I did.
    When you said you were getting a white egg, were you sure it was white or was it just a really light brown like in the picture you posted? I ask because, though her comb is small for a Leghorn, this bird has the shape--especially in the tail--of a White Leghorn. :oops:
    Thank you for your recommendations. I have the dosages and have treated the adults with the pour-on before (I'm not sure if it was within 6 months, but definitely within 8). :) The pullets turned 4 months old last week--will they still be alright with the Ivormectin pour-on or should I just not treat them?
    My first thought was mixed breed. I see green legs on one, which is an indicator of a yellow legged bird crossed with a slate legged bird, and they don't have a feather pattern (even for youngsters) that strikes me as pure for a particular variety. Closer pictures from the side of them standing naturally would help with identification, though. :) Also, I don't know if it makes any difference, but it does look like there's a cockerel in the bunch.
    I love how this little one looks, hope it's a girl! :love
    At 11 weeks, I would lean toward cockerel. Is he from a hatchery? It looks like he has a single comb, while Sumatras are supposed to have pea combs.
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    Okay thanks guys, I think I have a bowl that will work.
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    Yes my neighbor said the guy who gave them too him thought one might be a male.
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    My Sumatra is from a NY farmer definitely not a hatchery.

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    I house seperatley.IMO Meat chickens are nasty birds. Would never let them stay with my others.
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    Well gang... I'm about to give up on chickens!! I had another dog attack today. The same dog!! And it went for me too so hopefully NOW they will put it down, like they should've before!!! Jchny- he got Bob (EE Roo from you). I was just telling Bob this morning how pretty he was getting and he was finally staring to show interest in the girls. So after another sherif call and Animal control call we will see!! Somehow I had a feeling this morning and had left them semi-penned, but some would fly ove the fence. And I was all cleaned up for a Drs appt when I heard something, looked out to see a hen flying which was unusual. It was raining here and I went running out, grabbed the umbrella, which I used on the dog after he was growling at me!! Next time I'll grab the gun first not the umbrella. Killed the umbrella not the dog!! ****!!! So I was late and wet for the Drs appt!
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    X2 They are disgusting. I won't ever raise more than 6 at a time ever again.
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    Oh no! Maybe you can teach the chickens to shoot the gun. Seriously though, is the dog attacking at a certain time? If so I'd set a lawn chair in the coop and wait with the gun. Take a book and a cooler out there. Use hollow points if it is a gun.
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