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    It's tough without seeing them in person (both the hen and the egg, I mean). My assumption at this point, though, would be that she's mostly Leghorn with white Rock introduced into the line at some point in the past. Her comb is really small for a Leghorn and her egg should not be tinted if she was pure, but she does have the general shape... I guess it doesn't matter too much unless you planned to show her. She is lovely, either way. :)
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    Ok, I remember reading about an old disabled man laughing about his dog attacking someone's chickens here. Was that you? If so, sorry, it is hard to keep up with everyone here when you are new. I will presume that you are the same member. If animal control is not doing anything and they are suggesting that you shoot the dog, something is really wrong there. Is this in a town or city? I would contact the mayor and see if they are OK with you shooting the neighbor's dog. I usually contact officials in emails so I have a record of the response. I wouldn't think that they would want to promote citizen's shooting other citizen's pets. I'm not against it but it does present a peace problem. Shooting the dog will likely cost you a lot of time and grief no matter what. In this case, it might save some time and grief but I wouldn't count on it. In the end, it looks like it is the neighbor, not the dog that is the problem. I really hope you can get this situation fixed without shooting the dog but you have to do what you have to do. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    I've never hear that the night was growling but my 3 year old informed me outside was blinking at him this morning :) Kids come up with the cutest things sometimes!

    DH has animal and kid duty this weekend while I catch up of my CE for the last two years (insert little blue smiley under the chair) hopefully everyone is in one piece when I get back! My verbal instructions weren't received well, I was told to WRITE IT DOWN!
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    Double Yolk Weekend (Makes more sense that saying Doubleheader [​IMG])
    Hope to see some fellow BYCers!
    DH and I are going to the Bloomington poultry show depending on the time (we're an hour behind). I know it starts at 9:00am and I thought I read it was open all day, but I just read something else that sounded like everyone leaves after the judging! Does anyone know? I will PM pbirdhaven because I think she is showing there. We're going to IU under the guise of visiting our younger daughter, so I'm hoping we can stop by the poultry show. Saturday evening DH gets his turn when we attend the football game. The next day we're going to Indy under the guise of visiting our older daughter and we'll check out the Coop Tour. The weather sounds like it will be great. I am still worrying about what shoes to wear that I can spray Clorox Clean-up on. I don't have any white plastic shoes!
    Name Tag for Bloomington Poultry Show & Indy Coop Tour
    I made a 3" x 4" name tag that people can use if they wish to identify themselves at the events this weekend. It's interactive: you can use a red marker to fill in your county! [​IMG] This is just an idea if people want to look for Indiana BYCers. Just click on the image, "save as" NameTag to your desktop or wherever to print it off. Don't make me be the only one wearing it! [​IMG]

    September 21 • Saturday

    Southern Indiana Poultry Show
    Monroe County Fairgrounds
    5700 West Airport Road
    Bloomington, IN
    9:00am -

    September 22 • Sunday
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Pre-sale tickets are $8 at; day-of tickets run $10. A portion of proceeds will fund the installation of a fully furnished and stocked coop at a local school. There will be 12 “show coops” on display. This is an “open-house” style event and can be explored at your leisure by bicycle or car.
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    Urbanmom519~ Welcome to the Indiana Thread! Click on the INDIANA Members list at the bottom of this post to see who lives in your area. You can send them a PM (Personal Message) since everyone isn't always online. All of us are willing to help you though with any questions you have.
    icukeisha~ Congrats on your third egg! You can make an omelette. [​IMG]
    I need advice! What do you do when you have flock members with different dietary needs?
    With all the discussion about different foods, I need advice please:
    My five hens are given layer food, access to oyster shell and grit, they free-range and get healthful treats like sunflower seeds, blueberries, grapes, etc.
    Jersey doesn't lay real eggs (just imaginary ones)
    Jersey, SLW, and EE just started molting this week. RIR and BR are either light-molting or not molting yet.
    Do I still feed them layer food?
    Meanwhile, my two 6 mos. old orps should be laying anytime. I recently took them off their chick food (even though the directions say to give it to them until they lay) since they're mixing with the hens, so they're eating the hen diet listed above.
    It seems like because of the free ranging and healthful treats that the hens and the orps don't even eat much of the layer food.
    If you had my flock what would you feed them?

    Thank you for any input!
    Originally Posted by danand [​IMG]
    Kab- that is so neat about your roo!! Might be a new thing "therapy chickens"!! Sure helps me
    kabhyper & danand~ Chickens have been great for my mental health, too (Don't listen to Old Salt's comments about that! haha)

    Therapy Chickens are new-- just Google and you'll find lots of interesting stories.

    Correction~ I meant to say that Therapy Chickens are not a new thing, (and the online stories are compelling.) [​IMG]

    kabhyer~ Could you put water in a large coffee mug and wire the handle onto something nearby? Just a thought.

    danand~ I am sorry to hear that you and your flock had to go through that nightmare! [​IMG]Let us know what happens with animal control and your neighbor. [​IMG]
    browncow~ Love what your 3 year old said!
    What does CE mean? Consumer Electronics, Civil Engineering, Chicken Education?
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    See what bradselig has posted for sale. You could get a nice start on a flock.
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    I am so sorry to hear you are still having problems with that dog/neighbor. Animal control had better do something. Same with police. When they suggested you shoot the animal, it just tells me they are not the worried about your chickens. Well, it wasn't just your chickens, it was you! I personally would be highly upset. Thank goodness you had the umbrella, things may have turned out a little differently. Wishing you luck and safety!
    Welcome! Niles, Mi Rural King has chicks this week, I'd give your local a call and see if they have any and what kinds.

    Man I could use a few of those, they sure are beautiful!
    Yea shes a nut! Out of the mouths of babes!

    After 30 years of being married to the same man, I automatically write stuff down. It just won't get done if I don't. A lot goes in one ear and out the other lol.

    Good luck on catching up, and don't worry, I'm sure hes got this!

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