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    Apr 23, 2013
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    absolutely. If it is small enough for them to deal with, they will kill it. My parents cat has a 'ring of death' around their house. Mice, rats, snakes, rabbits, birds (up to the size of a small wild duck), large insects, you name it... she brings the bodies to my mother to show off.
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    Update on the Marans with the lice/mites. I'm pretty sure it's lice from everything I have read and the pictures I have seen. I found one of the pullets dead on Sunday and the other one seems a bit sluggish and sounds like it has a cold. I gave it a bath and dried it. I am giving it VetRx and saying a prayer until I find Sevin5 Dust.

    Anyone know what stores carry it? I have seen it online, haven't looked in stores.

    Needless to say, that bird is on quarantine and lock down...flashing red lights and bio hazard!!

    The one mille fleur that made it home with me is fine, she likes the trees, but knows where her food is!

    And the other Mille Fleur is still running rampant around my sister's.

    So Mother2Hens, if you see a cute little black, gold, and white chicken running around in Evansville...that would me mine!!

    I have decided the only way to remember where I left off last time is to post something! I get to the page every other day and boy oh boy do we Hoosiers like to talk!! Seriously though, I haven't been on facebook in a month (nothing good ever comes from there anymore) and I cannot stay away from here!!
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    Cats will definitely grab any small bunny. They won't attack the full grown rabbits, but they will get the little guys. Unless you have a big, particularly mean cat.

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    Hey all I need some help please. Yesterday I picked up 4 chickens about 6 months old. 3 hens and a rooster I was told that this RIR layed eggs becaus first instinct was her that's a very shiny chicken I think it's a roo but figured because I've had chicken for only 6 months there's a good chance I'm wrong but this morning he stands up and crows when[​IMG][/IMG] the bigger Roo started crowing not a good crow but an attempt at a full crow. Here's some pics what do you think? [​IMG][​IMG]
    Thanks everyone :)
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    I get Sevin Dust at Menards in the garden chemicals area. $5 for a shaker of several ounces. They don't sell it by the bag anymore, at least not that I could find in store or on line.

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    Nice looking rooster. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I brought home a 5 foot by 5 foot square box on a pallet from work I was going to fill with bedding to put the broody in. I was Leaning towards putting it in my house in the basement or possibly in the barn. After hearing about the Smell Im Leaning towards the barn rather than the basement.
    I hate to take nesting box room away from the other hens in the coop. Its bad enuf that the two broodie hens have 2 of my six nesting boxes on lockdown. Possibly this weekend I will build some more nesting boxes and add them to the coop to make up for the broodies.. I went ahead and removed the golf balls then dated a few eggs that were laid today with a wax pencil and set them near the broodie. She scooped them under her and has been sitting on them since. She is not seperate from the flock but she is in the corner nesting box. when another hen tries to come near her she growls at them and they go away. Possibly I can just let her go with it and see what happens. I am not out anything but a few of my own eggs if she fails. I am getting over 130 eggs a week so not really a loss at all if anything goes wrong. If she is to hatch out the chicks do you think the rest of the flock will try and eat or kill them? or will they recognize them as family since they were born in the coop with the flock?
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    Looks like a rooster. A very nice looking one at that.
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    Amwchicken- I use Corid or colds. It and Vetrx are at tractor supply. And RK had Corid also( in the cattle meds area). It's $20 but it'll last a while! I've never had any results from VetRx.

    Happy- my girls raised a baby while in with everybody just fine. Nobody seemed to notice it and they kept it safe. And my other broody was with the others and roo as well. Didnt have any problems. Now that they are older though the others will put them in their place. Add more boxes
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