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    An hour and 13 minutes without a post on this board--that could be a record!
    <<radio silence>>
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    After wiping it down you can spray it with Oxine added to water (I don't remember amounts; it's on BYC somewhere). No chemicals, no odor, safe--you can even add it to your own drinking water to purify.

    They will be at the Lebanon show, so get on their case there. If Jennifer is there, she's the one to talk to (blond with a monkey); otherwise any of them. Bill is usually pretty good about seeing that things are taken care of, too.
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    Good idea with the canning jars, I have plenty. I'll get my order in today, thanks!
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    I found it at my local Farm Bureau Co op
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    I didn't think that monkeys were APA or ABA!!!!
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    :lol: I don't think so, but it'll certainly be easier to tell for absolute certain in another 6 weeks. :)
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    That's a rather small coop. Don't use a 250 watt bulb dead center with no place for the chicks to escape or you are liable to cook them.

    If you had mites and lice crawling and biting all over you, you wouldn't start trying various "natural" cures like ashes, DE, stump water, pixie dust. You would go straight for the good stuff.

    I have used Sevin dust on dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pheasants, guineas, quail, and when they got off the chickens and on my nether regions and proved resistant to a shower, myself. Nothing that I used it on died or got sick from it.

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    M2H, your girls are very cute! Bon Bon is a neat color!

    So I took Lavender out for her morning poop and dust bath and breakfast, and the other chickens came over. They have been coming in and out of the barn everyday to see what she is up too. I didn't think there would be a problem so I watched. They went after her!! Picked on her terribly. Chased her right into the alpacas water trough. She got wet and freaked out. I shooed them off and let her dust bathe in peace. Once they were gone she was fine, but I can't believe they went after her like that. Poor girl. She doesn't seem bothered by it. She went about her morning routine for 10 minutes or so and went right back to her eggs. Maybe I should have left her in the coop to brood. I don't know how re-integrating her into the flock is going to be after the chicks hatch. Today is day 9. So far so good on the eggs, I think she was pretty dry by the time she went back to the nest after her swim this morning, so I hope that doesn't affect the hatch. Have any of you ever had issues putting a hen and chicks back with the flock after the babies hatch?
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    I almost missed this opportunity to pick at you M2H.

    I thought you were already there. I was under the impression that they only let you out for the afternoon at RacinChickin's shindig.[​IMG]

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