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    Jan 28, 2013
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    Kab-loved the video. So fun to see them happy and doing happy runs!!

    Ok. Back from the vet....again!!! No surgery today!! She did poop last night but nothing in it. Hasn't puked again but hasn't had food. She is acting normal. Which is what saved her. So we are doing a teaspoon of high protein canned dog food and Lax-aid, to see if she will pass it. Oh and on the X-ray it looked like it might be plastic. She is one of those dogs that's always into something so I'm really surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Thanks for all the well wishes! You- all know how it is when one of your babies is sick!!!
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    May 13, 2013
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    Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican!
    His bill holds more than his belican.
    He can take in his beak
    Enough food for a week.
    But I’m darned if I know how the helican.

    by Dixon Lanier Merritt

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    Grrrr, I just threw out 10 silkie eggs. They were older ones so it was okay, but the little broody stinker Silkie Suki, decided the other eggs looked better to sit on than the ones she sat on all day yesterday. I marked the remainder of the eggs, since they are a little older also it's no big loss if she doesn't go back to them, but I don't want to try to incubate eggs that have been sat on and then left cold. She is a turd. The newer eggs that get laid will get saved. The old ones are marked now. Lesson learned. I'll give her a golf ball next time. Lavender on the other hand is still going strong, so that's something.
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    My great dane, Zeke, was about 8 months old. Minding his own business chewing on his bone. Then the cat knocked down my plastic flowers. I cleaned it up right away. The next day, he was doing a lot of stretching, butt in the air, chest to the floor. Well, that is one sign of bloat in large chested dogs. He also didn't eat that night or the next morning. So, I called my vet, who happened to be at the state fair showing her cows. They got him in that am. He was seen by a brand new vet. Made me nervous lol. X-ray showed nothing. So they gave him a capsule to swallow. The did more x-rays. This time, there were little balls stopping at the exit of his stomach. So surgery. He really did nothing wrong, poor baby, but chew his bone. Those dang cats did it to him, or so he said lol. I missed a small set of leaves from those plastic flowers. They stuck to his saliva while he was chewing that bone. Then he swallowed. They closed over his stomach exit and wouldn't let anything pass. $1500 later. Oh and bless my vet, she drove home from Indy to do his surgery. She is a great dane owner as well, and doesn't trust anyone with them. We had him for 8 more years. Just had him put down this past January. His spine fused together and he was losing use of his back legs. Man I love that dog, miss him daily still.

    Zeke was a counter surfer. He could get a stick of butter out of the cabinet. So no, we have no handles on the cabinets anymore lol. Butter and Italian food was his favorite! I'd make lasagna, he'd eat half before it even had a chance to cool. I finally had to clear off a spot on the fridge for my food to cool or he'd help himself. Silly dog, I tried those mice traps that have a plastic paddle on it to snap and make a noise, scare them away from the counter. I set them one day, I heard it go off and him yelp at the same time. He came running to me. It had snapped and got his lip, he had huge lips lol. He wasn't hurt, just startled. Didn't stop him. He became more determined to win. I finally just set things out of his way lol, much easier.

    Still continued good thoughts for your baby, hoping things pass for her soon!
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    Yep, that's the one.
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    I was wondering what the difference in nutritional value was...I would say better for all of us!!
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    John, now I'm hungry for bacon...thanks.

    I have no doubt I would be chicken food after I softened up a little. I can't even throw left over meat products to the dogs because they're on them first!!
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    Wow. I laid off (get it? laid off) the eggs bc I am goin got the doctor for a check up next week. I suppose I can go back to eating my double egg with cheese sandwiches, with buttered whole wheat bread, in the AM. Eating those, I am not hungry at all until about 1:00. And I eat the breakfast at about 6:15 AM.

    Talk to y'all on Sunday evening, GO COLTS!

    Please, not 1,000 posts to read thru!!!!!!
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    A chicken. Yes, definitely a chicken!
    Please tell me that she cooked it too??

    That's a better greeting than the husband or kids!!!!

    My girls ate an entire watermelon rind and all yesterday so I doubt they'd wait for any "softening up" to occur before I was eaten!!!


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