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    Jul 11, 2013
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    finally caught up.
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    Aug 14, 2012
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    DH and I worked a little on the new coop today. I did the hard part of holding the wood still while he cut. Then I refilled his supply of screws. The floor is done and a wall framed out but not up.
    It is amazing how plans change around here. First I wanted a hoop coop but DH decided to make it like a box. Then we were going to winterize it, but then we got thinking as long as we free range the birds we don't really need a mobile coop. So the plans changed to convert the cube looking box coop to a raised floored coop. Then Dh realized he was going to have to take apart the box coop, I guess after all of his effort making it, he was heart broken. After he finished the floor made to fit the box coop he tells me he is framing up a new coop instead of converting the box coop. He asked if I had any plans made for windows and such. so of course I showed him coop pictures and more coop pictures. Lots of coops and window options. Then we went to Lowes. I sure could use some lowes discounts. Hardware cloth and wood are pricey. Ohh and the bucket of screws wow who would have guessed those would cost over $50.
    But the great news is that I should be getting a new coop in a month or so. The bad news is that DH is requesting I draw him pictures of the coop walls with windows and the 2 x4 framing. Took me a while but I have 2 walls laid out in diagram form instead of words. once he saw the pictures he was happy.
    Our new coup will have a shape similar to Quinstar's and a few others on here that have the slant roof and raised flooring. The high side will have venting all across the high part of the wall. I need to get a hinged covering, for the extremely cold days but that will wait. I'm thinking of something like Patrick's fold down sections on his coop.

    Since I'm still in the planning stages, all suggestions are welcome for coop designing. I'm debating adding real limbs for roosting bars. We do the deep litter so all doors and windows are at least a foot off the floor but I'm thinking of making a section of the back wall drop down. I'm also thinking of putting the chicken door right next to the person door. Then I will be able to see it from my bedroom window.
    I'm also looking at the auto open doors. I really want a remote control door. I have not found one yet.
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    May 11, 2013
    Contact Indiana House Bunnies. They have tons of info on living with house rabbits and can even point you in the direction of one or more.

    It's not the fertile eggs I'm waiting girls are almost at POL and I am going NUTS!!!
    I love the name Macaroni.
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    Webechickens posted to wheezy: Forgot to add something. If you're going to use any shavings in its pen, make sure to only use pine shavings and not cedar. The cedar gives off fumes are bad for rabbits.
    That's true for chickens, too!

    wheezy~ I recently bought some Sweet PDZ for my chickens' litter boxes. It's marketed for horses, but can be used for other animals, too. It's a natural, non-toxic mineral that neutralizes ammonia and odors. It also absorbs moisture. It's not a potential respiratory problem like food grade diatomaceous earth or play sand as long as you don't shake it around when the animal is in the middle of it! Sweet PDZ would solve the odor problem, but not sure how to train rabbits not to chew on furnishings.

    EmSteele~ I remember hearing about your son and his rabbit Ironman winning at your 4-H over the summer. I'm sure you are a great resource for rabbit info!
    Originally Posted by toodlesmom [​IMG]
    Watching my mousers at work, stalking a victim. It's that time of year when field mice come looking for a cozy winter berth. With this old house, it isn't difficult to find a way in. The mice probably have directional signs pointing the way to our place. They won't find a home here though, with Joey, Leo, and Macaroni on the job!

    Toodlesmom~ Hopefully the mice posted a Cat Warning sign in your yard! Yesterday, I found a disgusting pile of mouse innards by our front door. Ugh! It was a lovely addition to the Welcome mat.

    The other day, some members discussed if cats brought their kills to the door to show off their trophies. I've heard that theory before, but I have also read that it is a natural instinct to bring food back to their den, especially to teach their young. Consequently, cats think that bringing a gift to the door for their human family is a positive gesture.
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    Aug 26, 2008
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    I once had a beagle mix Sniffles that my cat Groucho didn't like--he had been really attached to my previous beagle mix that had an unfortunate incident on the road. One day Groucho brought a mouse and laid it in front of Sniffles, who in turn brought one of his toys to Groucho. Calling a truce?
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    May 13, 2013
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    Sign posted by cats "All field mice cordially invited to dinner". [​IMG]

    Please come in and take a marinade shower.

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    Just got home from our second trip to turkey run in a month. It's almost a 4 hour drive for us so we are whooped. My in-laws were nice enough to take care of the animals for us for the weekend, and I am happy to report no casualties and no rooster attacks lol. Lavender did really well, and I candeled her eggs to see how the weekend went. I am seeing a lot of movement in quite a few of them. One is very dark and hard to see, and a few are questionable, so I am going to wait and see. Suki the silkie sat on hers all weekend also, except when we got home she was sitting on 15 eggs. Little turd. I am fairly certain most of those aren't going to hatch, so I'll let her go. Sneaky little fluff ball. Hope you all had a good weekend!!! One week from tuesday is hatch day for lavender! I hope all goes well.
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    Feb 28, 2013
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    So, my girls have not been laying very well. We went from 15-17 eggs a day down to 2 eggs a day. It has slowly been getting better, but we were only getting 3-4 for quite a while. We have noticed a hawk in the area for the last couple days and we even caught it in our girls fenced in yard.

    Well, we didn't know what to do to keep the hawk away, so we introduced our 3 dogs to the chickens. We were very worried about the dogs hurting the girls, so we did it slowly over the last couple of weeks. Now they are out with the girls all day. No hawks. And we have 6-7 eggs a day now. I am so excited. I never thought my dogs could be protectors of the flock. Good Dogs!
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    Thanks! I only had 90 to read thru.

    We had a great time camping at Turkey Run, we've been away from that place way too long.
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    I am soooooooooo pleased to have you back. I am worn out from carrying the insanity load all by myself.


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