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    And a couple of winter photos. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [/quote] Very helpful tip! My run is a muddy mess after the rain. :goodpost:
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    Since ya-all are talking water heaters. My MIL and her DH are on a county water system and had individual on demand water heaters. She hated them! She couldn't take a Hot shower or bath and couldn't do dishes in Hot water. They were always having to repair them and replace them. When I came into the picture the things were about $400!! And last year they were going to replace another one and it was $900. So she finally got her way and got a regular water heater!! Of course his claim was how much electric it was saving them but at the price of those heaters there is no way!! They had 3 in the house. They now have the 1 normal heater and she is soo much happier!! But another example is my Aunt and Uncle, live in Columbus and had severe damage when it flooded. So they had a new system put in and once they got used to it they are very happy!!
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    I have 2 rhodebar cockerel chicks and 1 legbar cockerel chick available. They are all free! (Sally, I still have one legbar roo held back for ya!). Come and get um! Also have a beautiful blue partridge silkie that has a straight comb, I'll make someone a heck of a deal on it ;). And lastly a tolbunt polish cockerel somewhere around 3-4 months old. I'm asking $25 but very willing to negotiate his price. Pictures are several weeks old.
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    I had a non-vaccinated chicken checked for md and it came back negative. I have a can of lysol in my truck and use it faithfully. Hubby not so much. Although he will use it before he gets out of the truck once he is home. I buy my feed a couple bags at a time, so I limit my trips to the feed store. Yes it is in the air, on other birds, and just about anywhere really, but I try to limit what I bring home. Not sure if it makes a difference. I am not buying chicks from anywhere. I will only use a broody to hatch. And I don't give the vaccine. I am breeding for strong birds that can survive in my area. IMHO the vaccine only make the bird not have the tumors. Right or wrong, not sure either way. I'm too new to chickens, but want healthy eggs and meat. I only have chickens for eggs and meat. I do not show. Nor do I go to shows. All my birds are healthy, they run, fly and act like chickens. I think its better than the alternative.

    I do the same thing. About half of their yard is dl the other half grass. I did use straw though. I didn't realize the problems that come with using it. The chickens have pretty much made a small mess with all the pieces, its pretty shredded. I guess I won't use it anymore. I also use leaves, grass and wood mulch. I never thought about putting the dl from the coop out there, I take it to my compost where they work it closer to the garden for me. I have a 3 bin system set up, one they can't (or haven't) gotten into. For moldy stuff, stuff they shouldn't have. The other two are ongoing I clean it up the scratch it out. Keeps them busy.
    When I had to replace my anode rod a couple of years ago. the old man in the ace hardware looked at me like I was nuts for replacing it. He literally would not sell me one. Said it was a waste of money. That once the rod goes, you only have a year or so left. Maybe I should have gone to a big box store, not my town store. I didn't replace it. Should I go buy one and replace it now. Its been probably 3 years?
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    Barb S :
    My friend that has the iowas that we got the delawares from is trying to find good homes for his remaining 3 iowa pullets & he will then be concentrating on icelandic chickens exclusively

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    Hey john where do you buy one of them sediment filter things? Lowes?

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    Dec 3, 2012
    If you are willing to make the hour trip that is fine by me! Conpletley your decision, just let me know and if you decided you want to we can work out details through pm.
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    As much as I would love to get your friends Iowa pullets, I just can not drive that far to get them. If he is willing to ship them then I would gladly talk to him about getting them. Otherwise I am going to have to pass on them, sorry
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    Really trying hard to catch up a bit..! Lots of new folks on here so Welcome! We've been super busy since oh..May! Lol... built a new large coop..woohoo! Turned out beautifully, hatched 17 babies lost 3 but first hatch ever very happy! However I have too many roos! Go figure! So asking is anyone interested? I have a big gorgeous held daily 6 month old believe to be a New Hampshire Red

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