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    Apr 20, 2013
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    When I decided to not seperate the Broodie hen and eggs from the flock I was worried it would not work out well.. I was Sure that when the chicks hatched that the other 29 hens and 2 roos would be a problem and pick on them or the mother. When the Second hen went broodie and started stealing the chicks to her nest box I thought I was in for problems. I have decided I worry way too much. The two broodies are doing a great job, the rest of the flock is not bothered at all by the chicks running around the coop they pay them little if any attention at all, and Both the mothers seem to Share in the joy of motherhood in a joint effort. All of the chicks are healthy and running around having a good old time.. All goes well in the hen house/brooder..
    My Son was set on getting at least one chicken to take home from the Lebanon show. He Ended up picking out a bantam Belgian d'Uccle girl. She is a cool looking chicken other than that I do not see a whole lot of use for her, but he is happy and that is what is important.....
    I Saw the nicely feathered Barred Rock cockerals at the sale table and I was sure I wanted one.. I then changed my mind. Here is A Shocker, I like my hatchery style Production Barred rocks better. Logic tells me that just because neat looking feathers are what is judged in a show Production of eggs is what is important to me. I can not justify why a bird that lays less eggs per year but has longer feathers would ever be better than the same breed of bird that produces more eggs.. After being at the show I realize that I am a Hatchery Bird type of guy now. The thing I enjoy most about my chickens is collecting 130+ eggs a week. I sell the eggs at work for $2.50 a dozen and have no problem keeping all my eggs sold, in fact most of the time have a waiting list. Selling the eggs offsets the cost of the feed and bedding for the chickens to the point where I am about breaking even + or - a little here and there. I am going to step it up this Spring. I plan to begin Production of 2 or 3 Chicken tractors in December the tractors I plan to build will be 6'x12' and each house 12-15 LF. This will give me the room I need to seperate some breeds for some fun breeding experiments next summer. MMM nothing like chicken math in the morning... Have a Nice day everyone. Be happy.
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    My phoenix pullet that is raising two babies teenagers has started to lay again. They are not quite 6 weeks old. She is still acting like a mom, showing them food and covering them with her wings at night. How long do you think I have until she decides they are on their own?
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    Thanks. I didn't do any dress up for the Renn Fest. Kyle likes his new walking staff/sword we got at the festival.

    We have been very busy the last few weekends, and this one is no different. I am in the Dan Wheldon go-cart challenge this weekend (26th), on a team of 4 and one of our Indy Car driver is James Hinchcliff! We are feeling intimidated already! There will be about 8 Indy car drivers, it is a 2 hour race. It's been about 10 years since I've been in a go-cart, I always love it.

    As for our white girls with their tails so high, they are white leghorns. They each give us an egg dailey and have now since early July, when they were 17 weeks old. I thinkd we are very lucky with our girls, we have 7 and we get 35 eggs/week.
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    HHH- I'm kinda with you!! The show thing is way too much work!! And I'm not willing to guarantee safety for an expensive bird. So for the most part Hatchery is good for me too. I hope the Millie girl is friendly. Mine are , are very talkative and love to be held. If not , I hope he can tame her. My Millie's are my favorites. I sell my eggs for 2.50$ also , my DH takes some to work and I have friends that buy. I had 2 Broodys hatch 1 chick,I was super worried about everyone else. They have just ignored the baby. She's almost full grown now and is a the bottom of the pecking order but still sleeps next to 1 of her moms.
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    Very jealous! I raced karts for several years. Still have my racing kart and plan on building a small track on the property in a year or two for it. I like the New Castle track, It's a very nice facility. And hanging out with the pros will be a lot of fun. Enjoy!
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    WOW--67 chickens? How many did you start with and how long ago was that?
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    Sep 20, 2012
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    I'm very interested in the answer folks share. We have a pullet that just hatched 3 chicks 2 weeks ago. Of course, they're still babies just getting their feathers in, but I'd LOVE to know how soon they'll be out on their own.
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    My thanks to everyone who has shared about their poop boards! You have really helped me in deciding what to do. This coop- building is more complicated than it looks on the surface. Or, more likely, I'm just making it that way!

    My-brother-the-carpenter has not shown up for work on the coop for a week. When he shows, he works at the pace of molasses in January. I have my chickens all lined up and waiting, and he has barely started the job. Wow, am I frustrated!

    Everone's new chickens sound beautiful! Can't wait to see all the pictures! Wow, CCCCCCHICKINS! - you really went shopping! Bet you had fun!

    Is anyone going to the National in Ohio, November 9-10?

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    So I called 3 avian vets today. They said the only relatively safe thing to use on day olds is DE. So the babies got some on their backs,vent area, and under wings. Brooder was bleached and new bedding. Vet said to re-apply in a week. I let Lavender dust bathe in just sand and put some DE on her back only, and treated the week olds the same as the the kids inside. Brooder cleaned and new bedding for them also. It's raining so I will treat the large fowl coop tomorrow with poultry dust. The silkies aren't scratching right now, so I will wait to treat their coop when all the chicks have hatched. There are still a few working their way out under momma silkie, so no dusting in there. I really hope this works. I don't think it's an infestation yet, I haven't seen eggs, just bugs. Three different vets can't be wrong right? lol
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