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    Back Story: Sunday Night I posted: My three month old Lavender Orp pullet "Violet" is limping! As I've mentioned before, I still have her and my Jubilee, Adeline, stay in a large dog crate in our walk-out basement at night. I have to keep my coop sterilized to get rid of my BR's leg mites. Last night when the Orps walked in the basement door and to their crate, I heard a little crash (sound of dog crate metal). I'm thinking that maybe Violet hit her leg on the bottom lip of the dog crate when she got in.

    Update on Violet, my three month old Lavender Orp who hurt her leg~

    I took her to the vet today because I had read so much info, but didn't want to do something to make it worse. The vet took an Xray of Violet's leg, which showed that the leg wasn't broken, but it was swollen at the hock joint. Violet has a torn tendon, which the vet said was consistent with getting caught in the dog kennel/crate base as she hurried in. I'm posting a photo of the area because I know others use dog kennels at times. Had it occurred to me, I would have put a towel or something over that hump. I have been using a folded up towel at one end for the pullets to sleep on, but I wondered if that was a good idea since they could possibly snag their nails in the terry cloth and stumble. There's always an accident waiting to happen! When we started with chickens a year ago, I said that I couldn't believe how complicated chicken raising is.

    The vet prescribed an anti-inflamatory pain med, Metacam 0.5ML every 24 hours. I'm supposed to drop it in her beak. She said to wait until tomorrow morning to start it since I gave Violet a quarter of an aspirin this morning. She said it would take a month or so to heal, so she needs to stay in the kennel in the basement (it's by the sliding glass doors to the outside). I can take her outside when the temps are ok and sit with her. Meanwhile, my Jubilee Adeline is her constant companion. She even came to the vet in the cat carrier with Violet because I knew they'd both freak out if they were separated. Violet is eating and drinking, but seems pretty bummed out that she can't stand and is frustrated trying to change positions.

    Just for reference:
    Metacam $29.50
    X-ray 63.33
    Avian Exam 55.25
    Total: $148.08 I paid cash and didn't go into detail to my DH because I didn't want him to have a heart attack. haha It will be worth it if she recovers. The vet thinks she will, but it will take time. Also, "fyi" to Old Salt and CCCCHICKENS who have birds with leg injuries, the vet said that wrapping the leg or using a splint, etc. typically makes the situation worse because the bird struggles to remove the bandages, etc., which can cause further injuries. She was referring to Violet's condition though, so each situation is different.
    Beware of metal bars at base of dog crate:

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    this info is very helpful as I also have a hen recovering from a leg injury that was made worse by a rooster. Thank you.
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    I can honestly say our 4H program is solid. Have to sign an affidavit stating that the animal is in your possession 1 month prior to the fair or the farmer who is housing it has to say that the student is tending it.
    This was our oldest child's first year in 4H and she did amazing. Was out with her pigs every day and loved it. Next year we will have 2 in 4H showing pigs AND chickens. There may have been times my husband or I helped her, but she definitely did 95% of the work. I love 4H and the experiences kids have through it.
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    I think I'm all caught up on the posts? I've not been on for some time. I had ask b4 if an old English roo could be the father or my buff orp chicks. I never got a reply ( that I seen) but I'm about positive now that the chicks are older that's not the case what I believe I have is 2 d'anver buff orp crosses. 2 d'anver old english crosses and only 1 pure bred old english the rest are just buffs. My daughter who's been heart broken over loosing her d'anver hen bob has found a new love. He's a spoiled mean little half d'anver half english roo she's named him Sir Half Bob Speckled Flakes. She drug him along on our week long camp out and during the day he enjoyed free ranging around the lake dust bathing in the baker tent and chasing bugs around in the weeds and following my girl around screaming at her until she sat and held him while he napped. In the evenings he liked to flog people's feet while they sat around enjoying the sun set. Then he would go back into his cage for a safe nights sleep. Its so cute to watch her with him and she says mom he's my most special chicken ever. So of course he is staying but I have to down size on my roos. I have my big roo he's staying. I believe I have 4 pure buff roos there may be more they are still young. And I have 3 1 year old roos id part with and 1 I believe is half d'anver half buff and 1 that could be a full old english. If anyone is interested just pm me. That way I'm sure to get it. I may be able to do a couple pairs on the buffs I have 8 older chicks ( 3 roos) and then I have 5 unrelated chicks that are a little younger ( 1 roo I believe).
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    Going to a Kroger work picnic Sunday its in tipton the tipton park does anyone know that park if so what's all there and does it have a mini zoo???
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    Quinstar I feed my guinea what the flock gets in the winter. at the end of april i switch them over to 24% chick starter and leave oyster free choice. Usually the mating and egg laying is starting in may. My 4 adults are penned due to the 2 males being aggressive to the flock (jeckel and hyde) I didn't raise them, so they aren't integrated like my girl is. The hen that came with them is not aggressive usually either. They only free range with the Geese, they will not challenge my gander.
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    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

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    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
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    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

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    good luck! I am looking for peachicks yet too.
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    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

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    I sure don't, you can look for a park phone number and call them.
    Have a great time!

    glad she has a new love! I have a few too many roos too [​IMG] Waiting till fall to pick my keepers for the year.
    Ugh our thread moves FAST! Lately I only catch up late evenings and it takes a while. I know I miss some in between too.
    If I missed any new thread members, WELCOME! [​IMG]

    So glad to hear there is no break! That's the type of crate I use for 2 week olds to 4 weeks. I have shavings all around and deep enough to cover that area, but that's a very good point.

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    I am not sure what my SF hit her leg on. I planned on bandaging her up friday, thank godness you posted this. Otherwise I might of just hurt her more. I'm glad the vet could tell you what was wrong and will most likely recover. I hope she starts feeling better

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