indiana eggs

I an in fort wayne, what kind and how many do you want?, I have show quality black and white ameracaunas, s q black and blue orpingtons, s q bcm's and excellent lavender orpingtons, I am just a hobbie breeder so quanties are limited an I won't be producing for a few weeks
i was looking at leghorns, lakenvelders, new hampshire reds, delawares, dominiques, hollands, javas, plymouth rocks, rhode islands, stars, sussexs, and wyandottes those r the ones i looked up and sounded okay for around here in this weather a variety of breeds
my birds are all cold hardy breeds I use absolutely no heat in there coops and I do breed for hardiness, so let me know if I can help you
I do but I can't get them to load on here send me you email and I will send you some,,,,,i might be interested in trading for some silkies, what colors do you have?
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