Indigestion in Goats - How to administer Epson Salt?


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Jul 22, 2010
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I was reading and reading....until I found what matches the most with my goat symptoms:

It could be occur due to eating of azaleas, mangrove in flowers and fodder sprayed with insecticides. The indigestion result into loss of appetite, excrete flinty or small dropping, goat became lethargic. This need Epson salts like 120g, 80g, 60g and 30g on successive days. Heavy doze of magnesium carbonate 30g daily or Mylata 120g, three times a day used to neutralise excessive fermentation. New and fresh food should be given along with a mineral tonics like Ferri -Phos- Co (Parrishes food), and Metatone (Park Davis) 30ml twice a day to restore appetite. Clove tea (use 12 cloves in 500ml of water, boil for 10 times, when cool divide into three parts) use as 3 times a day help to restore appetite.

don't say HOW to give this Epson Salt to a goat????
Mix with water/ milk? They won't drink willingly....

It started like this: one of my goats suddenly refused bottle.
Her hairs on a spine were (and still are) sort of "up"
Then I see diarrhea...greenish color.
Since I noticed this rig away, I treated and stopped the diarrhea within an hour.
Goat is still little lethargic and only nibbling a small quantity of food.
Eyes nice and pink. No temperature.

I suspect she eat something....I was sprinkling pesticide around coops...I also caught her nibbling on plastic bag, which I took away from her, but maybe she digested some of it....

The other (bigger) goat is thriving! She doesn't show any signs like the smaller one. Although, she stopped jumping as usual and it's kind of quiet?! They not crying....which is strange, because previously they both were screaming for milk....?
I did stop milk. Instead I'm giving them "Life water" and yogurt.

Any help is appreciated!

Pictures how she looks just now.
I noticed her scratching her ears? I didn't see this ever before?

Pictures how she looks just now.
I noticed her scratching her ears? I didn't see this ever before?



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You might try making a drench. If it ate something it is not suppose to, it will have to work its way out. Do you feed hay? A lot of times if they eat
something bad in small amounts, the hay will help move it through.

How long has long has your goat been like this? Also, are you sure it is not worms or Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis can been
a bad problem with young goats.
Thank you!

Maybe you have a good recipe for Home made Drench?
Yes - they have hay all the time, but I don't ever see them liking the hay too much. They only are nibbling on it very little.

It has been like this since yesterday.

No - I'm not sure if it's not Coccid....I only researched symptoms and on an internet it says, for Coccid diarrhea is chocolate pudding like...
Her's was greenish color and her lower lids are pink.

It could be some sort of worms...I suppose...
One thing that could of done it also is the change in feeding. You might
also want to get a fecal done at the vet today before they close to rule out Coccidiosis and worms.

I have never used Epson Salts before. However, to make a drench, I just enough water so that it can be sucked
up into a syringe(if it comes with a needle just pull it out and throw that part away). I try to use as little water
as I can so it is more concentrated. However, you don't want it too thick or it won't pull into the syringe. Then, just hold the goat and
give it to her orally. It is much easier with 2 people.

One other thing..make sure both are pooping. If it is a toxin, it has to come out of their systems.

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