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Apr 29, 2020
Hi, does anyone have a good resource for a home test kit for IBV?
My main layer flock or 6 month old hens have had a bit of rattling going on since late March. I gave herbs, VetRX and garlic/ACV and they improved in about 3 weeks but now their egg quality has dropped significantly. Thin shells, no shell and odd shaped eggs. They all exhibit this at different intervals with my Australorp effected last of the group. I want to home test because I have several birds under 8 weeks and a group of 2week old chicks with another batch in the incubator. I worry about the younger ones but none of them show any signs of illness. Obviously they are not in the same coop or run, but the big girls often hop the fence and dig around when the 8 week olds are in the coop.
Thank you everyone.
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