infertile eggs???

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by corabee, Dec 1, 2011.

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    I bought 24 hatching eggs from a local breeder and I am at day 10. I just candled, and 9 of the 24 were infertile. They looked like I just cracked them open to cook them. No difference. Is this an acceptable ratio? It seems awful high to me. Should I buy eggs from this breeder again? It wasn't anyone on here. How many infertile eggs is expected from a breeder who ships hatching eggs on a weekly basis? (mine were not shipped).
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    Jul 12, 2011
    how do you know they weren't fertile?
  3. corabee

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    I don't, I assumed they were infertile since there was zero development at all.
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    Sep 18, 2011
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    The best way to check for fertility in incubated eggs is before you crack them refrigerate them for a few hrs. first. It will firm up the yolks and whites so they won't be all runny. With a padded spoon, like a baby spoon, carefully rotate the yolk and look for the bulls eye. If there isn't one they were infertile. If there is one it was fertile but didn't develop. Ten infertile eggs is unacceptable. His roo is not doing his job and I would let the breeder know. If he makes it right by sending more eggs that's fine. If he doesn't I wouldn't order from him again.
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    We do not sell eggs unless we are getting at least 90% fertility. A lot of things can happen in shipment but yours were not shipped. This time of year old males sometimes are not fertile and young males may not be sexually active. But the bottom line is if they arent fertile here they arent going to be fertile when you get them.
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    Did you look for the bulls-eye when you cracked open the eggs to be sure it was a fertility issue?
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    I wouldn't necessarily say they were infertile.. I would agree with ibeier2000 (although I didn't know that would work.. see? Ya learn something new everyday! [​IMG]) and refrigerate them before you crack them open to see if there is in fact a bullseye... I would say the problem lies more with the shipping than fertility though.. Shipping is really hard on eggs and if you can get 50% hatch rate, consider yourself lucky.. [​IMG] Hope the rest all hatch for you! [​IMG]

    Goddess [​IMG]
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    Jul 15, 2011
    Quote:corabee said in first post they were picked up and not shipped so it would have to then be low fertility right?

    x2 Contact the seller and see what they might be willing to do for you? You never know unless you ask. If they are not willing to do anything for you then do not buy from them for sure. It way just be the time of year as was suggested by another responder but if they are not willing to provide good customer service to you then who needs em!

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