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    Mar 23, 2010
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    Well its not really an infinite machine of sorts.

    Im planning to use a waterwheel in my barrelponics contraption.

    The waterwheel will turn an outer wheel by way of a horizontal shaft. both the waterwheel and outer wheel are converted bicycle rims. The waterwheel will have plastic cups, instead of fins so the water can push the wheel around.
    the outer wheel will have a belt connected from it to the alternator to turn the alternator
    the alternator will electrically power the dc pump
    the dc pump will pump water from the fish tank to the pump to over the waterwheel to turn the wheel.

    seems ok because:

    first law of thermodynamics says you cannot create energy from nothing.

    second law states you cannot have thermodynamic equilibrium

    Im not creating energy from nothing. I have to hand start the wheel so it will turn the alt to power the pump to pump water to turn the wheel. This does not violate the first law.

    there will be variables like: refilling the tanks and friction variables. with this it doesn't violate the second law.

    What do you think. The math of the hp and the rpm's and torque of both the alt and dc pump are good.

    things missing: the rpm's of the waterwheel. I calculated for 30-50 rpm's

    the dimension of the outer wheel to the smaller alternator pulley. I don't know the ratio yet. hoping to get 15:1

    I don't know the friction loss because of the missing two above.

    what are your thoughts?

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    How hard is it to turn the alternator? Will the weight of the water be enough to turn it? How much "lift" does the pump have? Will the energy created by the alternator move enough water to move the wheel?
  3. gmendoza

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    The alternator needs 0.94fp of torque to turn it.
    I do hope the weight of the water will turn it. Its not a figure I have calculated yet.
    the pump has 10h of lift on it, but I will make a stand to shorten the lift to increase the yield of water.

    the alternator is a 12v 45 amp alternator that is .64hp. the pump is a 12v dc pump .375 amp that is 0.07hp im sure this will work.

    Its not a perpetual machine, nor an infinite machine. there is no net energy, nor making energy from nothing.

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