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8 Years
Jul 28, 2013
Cape cod
So I've been feeding my chicks medicated chick starter since they've arrived at 2 days old. I have moved them from the brooder to an outside coop. They are 8 weeks now and seem happy as can be! But I've been reading about coccidia and I'm getting nervous that I've been feeding them all wrong this whole time! Help! Do you think they're ok? I really don't know symptoms tho!
Do they show symptoms? If no, and you've been medicating them, I don't see any issue... and usually I'd stop at about a month or so, once they start to look more like pullets or hens than chicks.
Non medicated. After 6 weeks I see it as overkill and plus it's more pricey and I'm a high school student. My mom makes me pay for everything until eggs come. And she only pays for what the eggs save her at the grocery store.

If they have it, they'll look sick. They'll sleep more, stop eating, drinking, sit alone breathing hard, sometimes have bloody poop (not intestinal shredding, but bloody) and I think sometimes there is some foamy yellow poo too. I'm not exactly an expert, as I've never had a chick with cocci.
You are doing just fine. Some people feed medicated starter and some don't. I fed mine medicated in the beginning, but for the last couple of years I have not. So far, I have never had a case of coccidiosis. Just watch out for sudden symptoms of lethargy, being puffed up and inactive, and not eating. Sometimes they can have blood in the stools. Wet warm conditions can be worse for cocci. Keeping a small bottle or packet of Corid on your shelf is always a good idea when you raise chicks.
A chicken will put it's head down into it's body and look like a little ball when they feel bad, and also they may get ruffled feathers.

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