Infrared Heat emitter bulb


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Thought I saw this on Randall Burkey but is on the shop the
Has anyone used these? What I found was they are mostly used for reptiles and I wondered how they would work in a coop.

Also radiant heaters who uses them do you like them do they hold up in a dusty situation?

Trenches and wiring being put in this week so need to finalize decisions on how much electric outlets and stuff I need from my other post
I don't know
so I'm giving you the buuuummmp
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I use an infrared heat lamp - it's what the feed shop had, so I didn't have to sound stupid when asking for one. I've read that the red light may help reduce/prevent feather picking, because the chicks aren't under white light 24/7.

The "other" feed store where I shopped until I actually found a feed store with chicks this time of year said they sell the infrared heat lamps for reptiles AND poultry raising.
The bulb I am talking about is ceramic and spiralled and does not emitt light only heat
I'm thinking I recall that they heat only a small area just beneath them, right? May be okay for a brooder, but not for an actual coop. And they are very expensive in the largest sizes-saw them at a petstore.

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