Ingrown feather?


8 Years
Jun 25, 2013
Lacey, Washington
I have a partridge cochin cockerel, a little over two months old, who recently became very lethargic. He doesn't want to walk anymore, and when I encouraged him to he seems to stumble on his left leg. He still eats and drinks happily if you bring them to him, but he won't walk to them himself. The rest of the flock is behaving normally.

I checked for bumblefoot, and I don't see any swelling or redness. It's hard to look at his legs well, because they're so feathered, but I did find a weird looking sort of growth on the side of his foot that looks like an ingrown feather, but I've never seen one before.

Has anybody else had experience with ingrown feathers in their feather footed breeds? Whether it influenced their walking?

Sorry about the bad picture, it was hard to hold him and get a picture by myself.


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