Injured chick!


6 Years
Mar 22, 2016
I have a hen with two adopted pekin chicks who are now nearly two weeks old. Yesterday while out of the coop, one of the chicks got stuck between a piece of wood on the ground and the fence. I heard it chirping and went out to help it but by the time I got there the mother hen had pecked it a lot trying to free it. Now there is a strip of fluffy skin about a quarter of an inch long on its head that seems to have been peeled off and kind of folded to make a tiny flap that is sticking out of the top of his head. The wound underneath bled a little but is now looking fine, but I was concerned about the bit sticking out which I though was just fluff but turned out to be skin when I tried to trim it off. Quite hard to explain and sorry I cant post pictures on my device.
Anyway I cleaned the area and the chick seems ok but there is still a bald bit and a little flap thing of skin and fluff sticking out. Is it likely he will grow feathers in later over the tiny wound as normal or have a bald spot? Also what should I do about this little bit of skin and fluff poking out? Will it just fall off eventually or do I need to try to remove it?

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