Injured Chicken - Attacked by a dog


10 Years
Jul 2, 2011
One of my chickens got out of the coop and was attacked by my neighbors dog. Fortunately she wedged herself under a wooden step so her injuries are not as bad as they could have been. She does have a wound between her shoulder blades that is about the size of a quarter. It is torn skin and I can actually see a little of her muscle. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and taped a cotton ball over it with medical tape. I have her inside in our brooder and she is eating and drinking normally as well as pecking through the bedding. I read on here (after the fact) that i should have probably used more hydrogen peroxide than I did and then put petroleum jelly on it. Should i remove the cotton ball tomorrow and do this? Or leave the cotton ball on? How often will I need to clean her wound? I was afraid of messing with it too much since part of her muscle is exposed.
Yes you should put petroleum jelly on as well, I think it helps protect it, and also clean it about 2 times a day. Good luck!
Okay, I will clean it again now. I bought some electrolytes and probiotics and scattered meal worms in the bedding to give her something to do. Would oral antibiotics help prevent infection as well or are they only for internal infections?

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