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    I have a 7 week old peachick that one of my hens hatched . She has always been with Chicken Mama and was introduced to the rest of the flock of chickens 3 days ago. They free range in the day and are locked up at night. I noticed that the chick had a drooping wing yesterday, but I couldn't catch it to investigate the issue. The chick didn't show up at the coop to get locked up last night. It was out this morning and I spent some time with a net and finally caught it.

    Its wing is badly injured. I couldn't really see exactly what the issue was because as soon as I started to mess with the wing it escaped my grasp and ran away. It is hiding in some brush right now and I will go try to catch it again, but for now, what I noticed is there is bone exposed. Looks to be the humerus. It is completely dislocated from the lower wing bones. I didn't notice any other injury or swelling, but the feathers around the injury are matted with dried blood.

    What do I do when I catch the little booger? Is it worth trying to save it? Do I try to find a vet?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would try to catch it asap and put it in a crate for observation. I have no experience with pea chicks or broken wings, but hopefully someone else will chime in.

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