Injured quail HELP!!!


5 Years
Aug 11, 2014
hello all.
i just found one of my quails with a really messed up wing (at the shoulder). it looks like something happened a couple of days ago because its caked up, infected and is just a huge mess. i was going to take pictures but figured that not every one wants to see that cause it looks terrible (plus messing with her would be more stressful than needed) but if it would help i can take pics. i removed her from the rest and brought her home.

what do it do now? how do i clean it and treat it?

thank you!!
Seems like you should clean it up just like any other wound. At least you can put her under the faucet with gently running warm water and betadine or some other soap. Q-tips may help get in there and remove any debris. Dry her off and put some ointment on the wound and isolate with heat available for her if she wants it. You can add vitamins to her water or feed boiled egg yoke to her.
That is how I would start anyway.....
Good luck with your hen.
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thank you. its still pretty hot here. in the 80s so i don't know if i would be overheating her.

i also read that washing the wound with peroxide works too. maybe i can do both.

poor girl :(

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