injured rouen duckling

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8 Years
May 26, 2011
My 5 week old 1.5 lb rouen duck has been injured severely on his leg and web. Today I noticed fever in his leg, so now I'm sure he needs antibiotics, but I don't know where I should inject them. Could someone please give me instructions? Also, I think that judging by his weight he should be given 1cc of Norocillin (penicillin G procaine) daily for 7 days. Please share your thoughts.
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He can be given the injection in his thigh or the breast.
If you choose to inject into the breast, find the keel bone(bone that runs the center of the chest) and fall off on either side. Find the thickest part of the breast and inject the PenG at an angle.
Sure hope he does OK for you!

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