Injuries near hens' tailfeathers/under wing—from other hens or rooster?


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Jun 21, 2022
Hi all, first-time chicken owner here. I've just noticed similar injuries on two of my hens. It looks like the feathers have been removed near the hens' tailfeathers and underneath their wings (picture attached). On one, the bare skin is about 2 inches, on another, about 3. The skin doesn't look to be infected or oozing, but I can't figure out if this is from our rooster mating too roughly, or from other hens featherpicking. One of hens also has consitently ruffled/messy neck feathers.

As far as I can tell, the two hens that have this problem are eating, drinking and laying normally, but they are the smallest in my flock of 7 (aside from my silkie, who is creature all of her own haha), and the rooster is about 1.5-2x their size. They're all about 6 months old, and Easter Eggers. Thanks in advance!


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