Dec 15, 2015
We(me,my wife and our two sons, 12 and 8)just recently got into chickens. I built a nice coop and run and four days ago we got eight one and a half year old hens. We want our own eggs. Tonight I went out to check on them and to close the coop for the night and notice that one had what appears to be an injury to her right wing. I dont know if she was injured when we caught and transported her or if it is from pecking by other hens. It looked like there were a couple of feathers missing in that spot and a little dry blood. Several feathers right around this site appeared to have blood in the shaft of the feathers where they are attached in the follicle. Dont know if I did the right thing or not but I caught her and tried to get a better look at it to make sure pieces of feather shaft were not broken off in her skin. While I had her I also plucked out the few feathers that appeared to be damaged with the blood in them and then I let her go. I hope I did not do more damage than good and I wish I had taken pictures of it but I am new to this and haven't raised chickens since helping my grandfather when I was a boy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 16, 2015
It's possible she broke a blood feather, one that still growing and has a vein with blood supply going in it, pulling out the rest of the feather is the treatment so sounds like you did the right thing.

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