Inner Ear Infection, poor Brabanter!


11 Years
Apr 21, 2008
North Central Florida
Hi guys, here is a new one on me, I found my Brabanter boy flopping, head swinging and head resting on his shoulders. Unable to stand, lethargic, rolling over at times, unresponsive to sight.
I brought him in, tried to give water but it would only run out. I assumed him to be gone when I woke in the night, but he was resting, again in morning, still resting.
Recieving a call from the guy that knows it all, literally, informed me that it was an inner ear infection.

So, this is the first antibiotic treatment this little guy has encountered, and what a cure it is! Within a matter of hours, Georgie began to hold his head up, still bobbing around, unable to eat the scrambled egg and cheese, finally another hour passed and he was eating like it was the new fad! 1 whole egg and he is begining to stand, but not like a healthy guy.

Needless to say, I felt these were neurological issues, but instead, Terramycin for that ear ache!!!

Keep it in mind, it just might save a favorite bird! Have a great day!

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