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Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
I had an insane dream last night. It must have been a fever dream since I've been sick. I dreamed that I had a vampire Chicken. I don't know if it was male or female, but the thing ran around biting peoples toes. It could understand what I say, and acted ashamed of itself when I scolded it. After a while it would go back to biting toes. Human toes, animal toes, bug toes (apparently bugs have toes in my dreams) anything with toes.

So this has me thinking. Has anyone else had crazy dreams? What about funny dreams? prophetic dreams? Share your dreams, discuss each others dreams, talk about dreams of other people. Do they mean anything to you?
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It's not chicken-related, but I had a REALLY loopy dream once - thanks a lot, Lord of the Rings.
Note - to fully understand this one, you'll have to have read the series, or at the very least one of the books.

Basically, it began with me interrogating an orc as to the location of the One Ring. Said orc was the size of one of those G.I. Joe action figures, so I was threatening to hold it into the sunlight, as I could easily hold it in one hand. Suddenly, it was changed into my sister's hamster, who was still talking. The hamster then revealed to me that the Ring was inside my backpack. I got the ring, and threw it to Aragorn, who was in our house for some reason. Then I woke up.

I told this dream to a friend. His response: "Did you inhale anything unusual that night?"

The funniest, however, was the one where I dreamed that a nuclear weapon destroyed the entire Southeast US. In said dream, I died and woke up in "Heaven" - basically a series of white rooms with white sheets on everything. I walked through a door and was greeted by none other than Abraham Lincoln, who was folding Halloween costumes on a conveyor belt. He looked straight at me, and I swear he was smirking at me.

Certain people on here, and anyone I know, are fully aware of just how hilarious it is that I dreamed this.
I had a Nyquil induced dream a long time ago. I was sick in bed, a coughing sniffling mess. Aliens came to abduct me. I'm like, hey, I have the flu you idiots. Go find someone healthy. The communicated they wanted me. I communicated (using various 4 letter words) that I was not going with them. I flung my glasses at them, my Vicks Vapor rub, my Nyquil bottle, and even my used kleenex to no avail. They kept coming. As soon as they reached for me I bit one on the thumb. Now he was using 4 letter words and retreated holding his hand to his chest. He was livid as he and his friends left. So was I but I managed to go back to sleep.

I awakened later on to find my glasses and my used Kleenex on the floor. I never did find my Vicks or my Nyquil.
I dreamed that there were evil pineapples in sunglasses and ballet outfits tapdancing on my sister's head. I don't know why they wore a tutu for tapdancing, no. The response I got from my mom was, ''Have you been sniffing Sharpies?''

Then there was the time I dreamed I had hatched an egg by cuddling it to keep it warm. When it hatched I placed the chick on my pillow very carefully, and took it downstairs to the heat lamp.
I woke up on thestairs, holding my pillow very carefully, with my stepmom asking am I okay, do I feel well?
oh that reminds me. a few weeks ago I dreamed I was taking a farming class, and part of the course was raising these weird creatures that looked like a cross between pigs and sheep but they hatched from eggs. and one of the runts was being bullied and i was holding it in my arms and it was sucking on my finger. It was sooo cute. I woke up cuddling my pillow in my arms as well.
My friends tell me i need a baby, I'm having too many dreams about taking care of baby animals. When they say that my boyfriend looks terrified.
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When I was asked if I was feeling okay, I quickly replied, ''Oh yeah, I'm fine!'' ran to my room, tossed the chick-less pillow on my bed, and went down to get a glass of water, hoping that's what it looked like I was doing all along.
.let this old fart have something a little too heavy to eat just before bedtime and i have some real winger dreams
---remember the pink elephants from disney' dumbo ?---thats nuttin

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