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    My brother and his friend have both always wanted a silkie and so we added a buff and a blue frizzle chick to our flock from a local breeder. The breeder we bought from (alabama silkies, absolutely wonderful service and chicks in Piedmont, AL) showed off all of her show silkies, who all had free range of the inside of the house. My brother and his friend were amazed at the thought of a house chicken, and they both promised to train their chicks to do so.

    So far, two weeks has passed, and no training (and minimal interaction) has occurred. It's looking like the silkies get to be outside chickens with the rest of the flock. I've tried to tell them that they have to actively take a role in training their chicks but to little success, so I, being the wonderful big brother I am, am considering buying another chick or two to train for them.

    My first question is: Are inside chickens a good idea? Is it cruel to keep a chicken inside as opposed to free range with the others? I was thinking between either bantam silkies or bantam Cochins right now.

    My second question is: How is the best way to train a chicken to be a house pet?

    Any personal experiences or stories are welcome!

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    Posting here to follow along :)

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