inside or outside feeding/watering


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Dec 6, 2009
Williamstown, South Jersey
I see alot of quesstions about whether or not to hang feeders/waters and also read recently that some people feed the chickens like on a schedule...morning and afternoon feedings BUT I am wondering if its a good idea to keep feeders inside because of critters trying to get the food. The doors are open during the day I sometimes get snakes, squirrels and mice and don't want any one to be hiding inside when I shut the doors. Doesn't anyone else get visitors to their food? I usually keep the food out side of the coop and put the feeders inside an empty can at night. There are so many different opinions Maybe there isn't just one "right" way??


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Aug 6, 2011
Pacific North West
I believe and practice that water for all animals is everywhere. I have with an exception to the sleeper water available in the locked coop, one end of the run and the other end of the run behind the entire coop sleeper where they play and sleep. This includes my 100 lbs. dog's that I have water for inside the home and out in the yard.

When it comes to food I have a feeder in the coop. I put water on one side of the door and food on the other side of the door to make it easy for me to get to. Then I through down leaf food and fruits in a rectangle container I put the raw foods down for them under an eve of the house to stay dry and out of the weather. I have from the beginning always feed them in the very same place to have less stress on them. critters are shocked by the flood light that comes on when they trip the night light sensor so I do not have that issue with 2 250 watt flood lights that go on 6 feet above the ground. Good luck

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