Insulating coop interior questions from newbie on premade coop


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
New Hampshire
I bought a coop from the local was very affordable, perfect size and I can "finish" it myself.

I want to insulate the sides and roof ...being in New England, we have some VERY cold winters. Here are some pics of the outside and inside of the is a 4' x 7' structure...

Notice my very proud daughter ;)

For ease of insulation, I was thinking of using rigid foam and covering the entire interior of the coop over the insulation in glassboard...then it can be wiped down to clean and I dont have to prime and paint :)
Does this sound like a good idea? ANy input or other options are great appreciated!
Thank you in advance!

That's a nice little coop you got there. You really don't have to worry about insulating it. The chickens have very nice insulation of their own, and they don't need any help. Be sure to read a lot more about the need for good ventilation, even and especially through winter. You DO NOT want to seal them up in the coop in some misguided attempt to "Keep them warm". You can check out the link below of my coop. The front of it is wide open year round, and the chickens thrive in it. Painting the interior is a good idea. I used a White exterior porch and deck paint from Lowes. I did not have to prime with this paint. Painting the interior white definently brightens it up in there.
Thanks for the reply Jack. I thought it was a nice looking coop too...made locally, which I always like to support :)
There is a fairly large vent on the right side in the first picture...and there are 3 removable windows with screens. shouldnt that be sufficient ventilation?
I guess my insulation aspect is also to avoid painting the interior :) I figure if there is glassboard or plexiglass of some kind at least on the walls, I could just wipe them down..
Yes, the ventilation looks good, my point was to not shut your ventilation down in the winter. Some people get carried away with "Winterizing" their coops. You could fit the glassboard panels to the walls without insulating. You could stick them to the walls with liquid nails or a similar product. I like the board and batten look of your coop. I wish I would have done that with mine.
Thanks again Jack!
I plan on keeping the vent open always, and was planning on using liquid nails on both insulation and glassboard. I like how this guy did the outside of my coop...really keeps the draftiness out!
I have plexiglass floors and am thrilled at how easily they wipe up. I had never considered using it on the walls, but that's a terrific idea. Plastiboard, the stuff that election lawn signs are made of, is easy to clean, too. I used to have that on a cattery floor, seamed with matching duct tape; it lasted for four years without needing replacing and then only the tape needed to be repaired.

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