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Jan 11, 2010
Guess I got a bit of a chip on my shoulder concerning this one lumber yard.

Called them up about getting an attic ladder and gave the guy the diemensions of one I saw somewhere else.
Guy told me who ever gave me those measurements didn't know anything, excuse me? Then there was dead silience on the line. Guy hung up on me.

Thought I would give them another try. Went on their website to look for some drywall and saw they had a special board I was looking for, so
I went in to talk to them.
The clerk laughed at me.
Told me I didn't know anything and this board did not exsist.

That was it. I left.
Turned around walked back and in a very loud voice told them this was the second time I had been treated like garbage in this store and I was not coming back.
the clerk chased after me but I just drove off.

they just kissed away $2500 worth of dry wall and who knows how much insulation.


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Jun 13, 2009
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Good for you! And definitely call the management, so they realize the importance of good customer service. Geez....that's what it's all about these days - getting folks to maybe pay a bit more cause the service is worth the extra!

I am always (generally) amazed that when I go into a store prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money, the sales people don't really want to go out of their way to be helpful to me. The customer should NEVER feel like they are an interruption of a sales person's day.

I have a terrible time finding quality clothing that fits me and would just be tickled pink to have someone actually help me, instead of "pointing" to stuff in the junior section - ugh!


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Sep 18, 2011
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x3. YOU are the customer.

My husband and I have our own contracting business. We just so happen to do drywall, paint, metal stud framing, acoustical ceilings, etc. I am the 'background' partner in our business. It is amazing how many people assume I know nothing.

As background - I worked as a builder and warranty manager for 10 years before I met my husband. I know more about general construction than most people I know. When I get treated poorly at ANY establishment, I make sure I bring it to the attention of management. First - women make more decisions in the home buying and renovating processes than most businesses understand. Second - we HATE to be underestimated and patronized. Third - We WILL take our money to where we feel appreciated.

One thing that happened to us, that worked out in our favor - we were purchasing a lot of material/supplies for a camper we were adding on to. We had 3 carts with cabinets, a water heater, and LOTS of misc. items. The cashier was a B***h. She was po'ed that we had so much stuff, and when DH tried to put all the SKU's where she could scan them, help move the carts, etc - she got PO'ed and jerked a cart away from him (she wasn't even ready to scan that cart).

He asked me to pull the truck up while he dealt with her. Come to find out she only scanned half of what we had on1 the carts; when it faulted on an item half-way through, and he tried to say something, she snapped at him so he let it go. We ended up with over $300 in merchandise that we didn't pay for. Normally - I'd NEVER let that go. But, after the attitude we got all through the store ... we only had one person help us (with countertops) and we bought merchandise from 7 or 8 departments. And with the cashier's attitude? DONE.

My husband's favorite thing to say is that I'm a short, left-handed, blue-eyed, blonde female - and he'd trust me building a house, doing a take-off on any job, and supervising crews before he'd trust 99% of the people he knows. And I know I'm up to it!


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Mar 19, 2009
My husband used to run a shop that did repairs of large equipment. It used to drive him up the wall when he would call a parts house and order something only to be told "they never made anything like that". This when he was holding the old part in his hand. It got a little interesting when he sent one of the employees in person to the parts house. When they got the "They never made anything like that" routine they could just hand the part to the parts man. Usually it got real quiet. An acquaintence of mine was moving, so she went to the bank to close out her account. The teller gave her $30,000 more than she had in the account. When she politely told the teller she had made a mistake, the teller got all huffy and said she had done no such thing. To which my friend quietly said a thank you and walked out the door. Later, she called the bank manager to tell him and he was even less polite than the teller. This happened many years ago, before the age of the computer. My friend said that if the bank and the teller had not been so rude she would have made sure the mistake was rectified. As it was, she kept the money. For several years she kept it in a separate account. She never did hear another word about it.


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What I get from your post is that the people at that store think women are stupid.
I am glad to read you are taking your business elsewhere.


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Aug 18, 2009
Years ago my DH and I rehabbed our basement. I got the measurements and went to the local carpet store and bought the carpet for the basement. When I got home my DH told me the carpet store called him and said "Are you aware your wife spent $xx for carpet?" To say I was angry is an understatement!!! I have had car dealers ask me "Does your husband know you are buying this car?". I had one tell me that a car was probably too much $ for me! I told him I was buying the car, but not from him. I went inside and found another salesman. After the credit check was run, they were all over me. Would you like some coffee, is there anything I can do for you? I told them to just give me the keys asap.
Maybe it is because I am only 5 foot tall and a woman. But never underestimate a woman or a short person

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