interbreed cross that produces crowing hens


Crossing the Road
13 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
I have been making mulitple crosses involving American dominiques. One of those crosses involves California greys. I have been culling the crosses pretty hard (80% do not get past 20 weeks) leaving with birds that appear good to my eyes. They have had rather well developed sicle feathers, although not nearly as good as their brothers. Two have just demonstrated the capacity to crow. It is not the choked off version produce by hens brooding chicks which consider to be normal. These crows are full blown quality crows preceded by wing flapping. More juveniles produced by a different American dominique strain are about 2 months behind so they will be observed for this as well. I suspect the is coming from California grey side of crosse. The males mature very early and are extremely interested in the ladies while pure doms and doms x American games appear typical in being slow in maturation. Anyone with pure California greys seen such behavior in hens.

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