Interested in ideas about chicks that cannot walk right

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    Apr 10, 2008
    My son started hatching ameracaunas in early February. We had a great success rate. All of our chicks were and are doing fine. We received a shipment of chicks from MM. We lost a Buttercup within 24 hours. Within a week we started having problems with a Columbian Wyandotte, Partridge Rock and several ameracaunas that hatched after the MM. They become lethargic, won't eat or drink. Fall over and have trouble walking. We worked dilligently, and were able to save the CW, PR and one A. We lost another B, and 3 A chicks.The CW has horrible deformity to her legs, sprawled, toes curled. We have tried everything that is listed on poultry web sites without success. We will probably have to cull. The PR can walk, but head is much lower than rest of body, gait is unsteady. The A has horribly deformed feet now but gets around well compared to the others. In the same shipment from MM. Our friends lost a Buff Orphington within a week. Is this AE?

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