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    Apr 2, 2014
    I'm looking to buy some chickens this spring from Sand Hill Preservation Center as they have all the breeds I'm interested in and they seem to strive for quality birds. They have a 25 bird minimum, though I'd only want 10 our so. Straight run only. If there's anyone (or two) preferably in central MN that would be willing to split the order with me, please let me know.

    I do travel some for work and could schedule accordingly to be in your area or to meet up somewhere around arrival (or later if you'd want me to raise them a bit and you pay a little more for my feed involved). I get SW corner, SE corner, W central, cities, st cloud, and even further north for vacations if it's necessary to expand from the core.

    They have a pretty large list of birds, take a look and let me know. :)


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